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See Ronald McDonald teach DDR {Joystiq}

Jan 29th 2008 2:32AM @Noshino

The Japanese aren't upfront about their racism. And even if they were, you wouldn't understand what say about you anyways. I can vouch that racism is present in Japan, but it's passive. Instead of active hate, it's more like "Gah, why are you here in my country"-type of mentality. Racism is unfortunately everywhere, whether it be the US, Canada or Japan.

It also shows that you've never been in the Japanese education system. It's expensive, it's unhealthy and it favors cramming as opposed to understanding. The lack of public schools allows private schools to charge astronomically high prices per month and the pressure to succeed is far too present. I would never raise my kid in Japan for fear of putting him through that. I could write a novel about all the things that are wrong about that system... (However, I don't want to make it seem like it's ALL bad. Things like having students clean the school every day instead of having janitors teaches responsibility and respect for your surroundings. I know my high school could've used a little more of that.)

Also, hardcore porn is censored in Japan. I don't know what censorship is like in the US, but I hope it doesn't beat that ;)

@Fernando: About the violence bit, while there may be less murders, things like rape and sexual harassment are rampant in Japan. Most aren't reported though, unfortunately. If you're a high school girl in a cute uniform, Japan isn't the safest place on earth.

Also, about the hot girls: those are the ones you see in the media. The Japanese think the same thing about the US... That everyone looks like a supermodel or is fat (since that's all they're exposed to). I used to think you but booooy was I wrong ;) Just thought you should know.

See Ronald McDonald teach DDR {Joystiq}

Jan 29th 2008 2:13AM @Huey: For your third point, I believe you're committing a fallacy of equivocation. The US is considered "the center of the world" because of its influence on other nations. Japan (from what I believe you're trying to say) thinks it's "the center of the world" because it simply doesn't care about other nations.

These 2 "centers of the world" aren't used in the same sense, and therefore cannot be equivocated.

Furthermore, you must understand that the level of English is incredibly low and Japan is an extremely homogeneous country. They aren't interested in other cultures because they are, quite literally, inaccessible. For example, you won't find a China Town or Little Italy in Tokyo.

When it comes to video games, I can tell you many shied away from the Xbox because it was simply too large. You can't understand how incredibly tiny most Japanese homes are unless you've actually lived in one. Also, the games on Xbox are not the type of games that Japanese kids traditionally play. Their culture is different, get used to it.

Sticking with just one character {WoW}

Jan 8th 2008 11:41PM The problem with keeping only one char is that eventually the time you put into it isn't worth as much. There's only so many things you can do at 70.

For alot of people, I think it's justifiable to level a second or even a third 70 (I was working on my third before I quit) simply to get "more" out of their time. More professions, more gold (dailies) and less time wasted.

What do you guys think?

Wisconsin politician proposes 1% tax on video games {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2008 6:34PM I don't see why it's a shitty analogy. It shows exactly what a post hoc is and how the reasoning is fallacious. Care to explain yourself?

Wisconsin politician proposes 1% tax on video games {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2008 4:43PM I'm just saying that he's using a terrible argument to prove his point. Either he didn't put much thought into his response or he needs a class on debate.

But regardless, the tax is dumb. I have no idea how the state government can realistically show that video games deserve a tax more than all the other products out there.

Wisconsin politician proposes 1% tax on video games {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2008 4:38PM It's an (obvious) analogy.

Wisconsin politician proposes 1% tax on video games {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2008 4:26PM "The fact is that national juvenile crime has decreased as video games have soared in popularity"

This is a post hoc right? Just because the consumption of ice cream increases during the summer and the number of rapes increases during the summer doesn't mean ice cream = rape.

I'm not in favor of the bill, but that's just a poor argument.

Game developer says WoW is wearing thin {WoW}

Dec 19th 2007 1:46AM While I do think Wow is losing its lustre, I don't think it'll stop people from playing. Many has invested countless hours leveling multiple toons and running them through endgame content. I know I have. That's alot to give up in one fell swoop. Starting from nothing is a bitch also.

However, I quit under a week ago for 2 reasons: I realized that "endgame" was just the same crap every week and EVE Online caters more to my interests (markets, corporations and downright evil PVP). That being said, I don't think others in my situation would do the same. I miss my guildmates and I miss my characters. There were very few things I hadn't yet accomplished but for the time investment they required, I thought it wasn't worth it.

Well at least my guild was happy with the 2 stacks of large prismatics I donated :)

Ghost Wolf taming is here to stay {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2007 10:18PM Do you need to be lvl 70 to get this pet? Would it be possible for maybe a 29 or 39 twink to get this? I've never played a hunter so I don't know how the mechanics of taming work, but I'm curious.

Thanks in advance ^_^

Change incoming for new meta gem {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 1:21AM Just goes to show that if there's enough QQing going on they'll be more than happy to change things. Quite honestly I find this ridiculous, but I guess it's in their best interest as a company. Easy requirement = happy customer = more monthly payments.

However, I wish Blizzard would take a firmer stance on things. If they put a certain requirement on the gem, it's so people have to think a little to get it to work with their gear. Oh well...