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Two Bosses Enter: Kel'Thuzad vs. Archimonde {WoW}

Jan 1st 2008 4:28PM Win for ol' skully because..
Although archimonde has high shadow damage kel'thuzard has a greater ranged focus, archimonde can out do him by being in melle and using his dots and what not but skull face is a FROST MAGE.
so archimonde starts coming after kelthuzard, skull face drops a rift between them, archy has to either go through it or walk around.
If he goes around he's going to get kited round and round the rift while skully hammers at him with frost bolts.
if he goes through at any point he'll get frost blasted (i'm assuming itl just do a bunch o damage rather than be a one hit) into immobility while kel'thuzard backs off and resumes the bombardment while archy stands in the damage rift.
once he gets free kelth drops another rift in between them, prosses repeats.
Both kelth and his adds are undead so fear is'nt an issue.
When the adds show up archy can either ignore them or kill them for the buffs.
If he ignores them then everything keeps going as before except with the adds it's even more uneaven.
if he kills them...
remember they have reletivly high hp so they won't die fast even to archimond, all the time kelth bombards and drops a rift on top of the cobat (it wont hurt his adds)
and of course by the time the adds show up hes at 40% so archy will be similarily low and given the above i'd assume much lower.
with the rifts and frost blast and the adds archy gets frozen in the damaging effect while the adds pound him al kel'thuzard remain forever frustratingly out of reach.
Win to Kel'thuzard

Insider Trader: Some disenchanted evening {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 3:54PM I shard, i pefer to roll at the end.
Sometimes everyone leaves without rolling for shards
I like to think of that as "Enchanters Christmas"

2.3 PTR patch notes {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 5:36PM Enhancement Shaman buff.
Once again we will be as living gods dealing death with each hand while shooting lightning from our eyes and fire from our mouths.
Also, hey NE preist buff, nice.