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Breakfast Topic: Presents! {WoW}

Dec 21st 2008 9:31AM Interestingly enough a priest on on my server Jaedener EU,seemed to be giving out presents to people at random in orgrimmar a few days back.

These were far from delicious choco cakes and such but rather epic crafted L80 capes and lowbie epics and blues and about 20 frostweave bags! and this was only during the hour I hung about, so goodness knows what this festive soul was giving out the rest of the time!

Happy winters veil mr. aikintaro!...i think that was it neway...something japanesey lol

Hybrid Theory: State of PvP in the Wrath beta {WoW}

Aug 9th 2008 10:15PM Go me! Just got my beta key! *drool*

Get a PS3 in Hong Kong (legally) for cheap! {Engadget}

Oct 14th 2007 6:02AM

Ive just come back from HK and got my 80GB PS3 with 1 game and 2 controllers for $3400HKD and then I went out and bought a further 5 games for $1500HKD, so thats 80GB PS3 with wireless inet and 6 games for under $5000HKD (Just under £320).

I have applied 4 system updates since returning and it is working perfectly fine and have been gaming online with Ridge Racer 7, WSOP 08, GRAW2 perfectly fine. Only had problems connecting to the EA servers for Tiger08 but i think it maybe just a port forwarding problem.

Anyway I am delighted with my purchase and luckily my mate lives there, so I will be getting him to send me over games on a regular basis!