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Torchlight 'hopefully' out on XBLA and PSN by holidays, has sold 750,000 units {Joystiq}

Aug 21st 2010 12:16PM 750,000?! Wow, that's pretty good. I still haven't gotten around to buying it since my backlog is a little too big right now. I am happy that Runic is doing well, though (along with ArenaNet). After all, most of these guys are ex-Blizzard guys. Poor Flagship.

Mike Morhaime: Real names will not be required on official Blizzard forums {WoW}

Jul 9th 2010 5:56PM Thanks for the follow-up, guys. I was a little worried about this since I haven't played the game for about 4 or 5 months, and was waiting for Cataclysm come out.

Even though I don't play or read the forums anymore, I enjoy the constant flow of information that you guys provide. Thanks for the information, as all ways, guys.

Joyswag: Direct2Drive's 50+ $5 games for you, dear reader [update] {Joystiq}

Oct 6th 2009 4:36PM Western Role-playing games.

Stan Lee: Game development is a 'miracle' {Joystiq}

Sep 28th 2009 6:21PM Well said Mr. McElroy.

50 Cent to make cameo appearance in Modern Warfare 2 {Joystiq}

Aug 8th 2009 5:28PM Sorry, Johnny, but I am the demographic that favors the single player over the multiplayer. So, when a rapper crosses the boundery between music and video games, that is a problem for me. I detested the 50 Cent games, and this will not be any different. I would rather hear real voice actors; people with some real voice acting credibility. Not some guy who supposedly is a good rapper because he sold million or so records and was shot nine times.

I hate multiplayer in most games. It was like what Joystiq's podcast talked about last night with their discussion on Wipeout. Putting this guys voice in the game is no different then putting an in-game advertisement for the game development company. It takes you right out of the game.

Also, the readability of your comment, took me right out of this discussion as well. Yet, I will be the bigger man and not name call. Though, I will just let you in on a little secret: capitalization and commas always help.

50 Cent to make cameo appearance in Modern Warfare 2 {Joystiq}

Aug 8th 2009 5:00PM I know what game I am not getting now!

GameFly listing may indicate Dragon Age: Origins delay [update: it's official] {Joystiq}

Aug 7th 2009 2:06PM This happened to me once.

It does not surprise me. Just another one I have to wait for the reviews on.

Argent Tournament dailies: Get Kraken! {WoW}

Jul 28th 2009 2:34PM I am pretty sure Carbonite is better on memory than Questhelper. Plus, it has herb/mining routes built in.