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Bill Clinton wants ABC to pull 9/11 drama {AOL TV}

Sep 7th 2006 2:32PM Mike, You are just plain wrong. ABC and the producers have said repeatedly that this is not a documntary. They are planning to run a discliamer stating so. You should probably check your facts.

Read the show's own blog where they say:
"It seems that people keep referring to this movie as a "documentary". A documentary is a journalistic format that gives facts and information through interviews and news footage. This is a movie or more specifically a docudrama."

Aquaman is not a real movie - VIDEO {AOL TV}

Jul 12th 2006 7:26PM That clip is very misleading. They were talking about Entourage on the show, just not in that one sentence.

Here's the full trasnscript:

Heres a clip'from today, which shows the missing Entourage reference.