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Spellpower 101, or how I learned to love unified attributes {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 1:40PM On a more positive note, instead of just affecting your shadow spells, it'll also affect your heals, and quite nicely. Plus, a lot of the lower level shadoweave stuff for example, now becomes attractive for casters other than SPriests and locks

On the edge of change Pt 2: Shamans in patch 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 13th 2008 5:13PM It initially was...I'm guessing it was added back to MW once they changed Stormstrike back to only affect nature damage again.

Ask a Beta Tester: Murlocs, mounts, and minimaps {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 11:36AM Actually, i was wondering that too, til i saw a (2) socketed cloth piece as a quest reward last night, I'm just a lowly 70 in the starting areas, so i assume they're gonna be scattered here and there throughout northrend. Haven't done any dungeons yet though, so i don't know about those

Skill Mastery: Horn of Winter {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 3:23PM costs runic power, which decays like rage. So if you had to wait a little bit for mana for the casters you may not have any runic power to use on it.

Ask a Beta Tester: Blacksmithing and sockets, revisited {WoW}

Aug 13th 2008 11:31AM I doubt that the new patterns will require primal anything, due to the presence of the new crystallized earth/water/etc and those becoming Eternal versions...i.e Eternal Earth instead of Primal earth etc. So instead of using Primal Nether, we're likely to see something like Eternal Nether or the like in it's place.

Hybrid Theory: Spell Power hands on {WoW}

Aug 4th 2008 11:11AM They changed hunter abilities a while back to get nothing from spelldamage...and semi-recently changed a few traps to scale with attack power

Hybrid Theory: Shaman and the Wrath Alpha {WoW}

Jun 16th 2008 10:47AM i freaked about the possible new pet too, until you look at other similar spells already in the game. I still hope for our air elemental summon, but it's most likely a mob spell

Want to win a 60d game card? Caption This! {WoW}

Oct 16th 2007 9:17AM After countless years of hunting, Gargamel finally caught those darn Smurfs...only to realise he had no idea what he wanted to do with them.