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Lichborne: Of Cabbages and Kings {WoW}

Sep 27th 2008 2:11PM Deathchicken, and now "DeathGryphon", both are no good. I much prefer the idea of riding on top of a Dragon, preferably and undead one. I recall seeing a DK riding a Frostwyrm for a quest. Why not do that? Wouldn't that be sooooo kick a$$!?

Warriors and Beta build 8885 {WoW}

Aug 30th 2008 4:46PM HORRAY PROT BUFF!!!! I've been waiting for prot to be able to stack up against other tank's buffs, and now it has come! Needless to say, I'm happy.

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 26th 2008 5:12PM In Goldshire, about 50,000 people die each year from secondhand smoke-related diseases.... we may have found the cause. Could your gnome be in danger? More at 11.

Wrath sound files point to world event {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2008 3:06PM So here is what I'm hearing. Sounds very Orc like, not so Arthas. Ontop of that he states "The gaze of the Lich King is fixed upon you." If this was really the Lich King himself speaking, wouldn't he just say "My gaze is fixed upon you"? I don't think this is Arthas speaking, and if it is, needs some MAJOR work imo.

The lore flops of the Burning Crusade {WoW}

Mar 16th 2008 1:45PM I think you've missed out on something, in Blades Edge you find out alot about the Arakkoa and who they worship. If I recall correctly its a giant Raven god, and you find his stories in the Blades Edge Mountain settlement. I really liked this element, learning about another "Old God"-esk figure through their stories. Of course this requires actually reading the stories X_X. Overall though, I liked the Arakkoa.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 15th 2007 10:34AM Alliance PLEASE!

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 4:35PM Alliance PLEASE!!!

Dying for a laptop X_X