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Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 30th 2007 5:55PM I just want to correct my previous reply to this. I said the proc on Inspiration would increase Time To Live by 9%. Actually it would be something like this:

Suppose tank has 16k armor, so their Time To Live is already about 255% of what it would be with 0 armor. The proc increases their armor to 20k, so now their Time To Live is about 290% of what it would be with 0 armor. So the relative amount of increase is 290/255 ~= 1.14, so the Time To Live went up by about 14% with the proc of Inspiration.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 8:25PM LOL yeah. Stupid anything in a raid - not good. You're prolly better off just taking a smart DPS instead of a stupid healer.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 8:18PM Yeah, exactly. It's a minor benefit, not a big deal, and shammys have it too. The proc will add somewhere around 9% to the time-to-live for the tank, which is nice and all but not usually a huge big deal compared to the importance of considering all the other raid buffs healers of different classes can bring, as well as the healing roles such as AoE, raid healing with chains or HoTs, and main tank healing.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 8:15PM Yeah, I leveled 1 to 70 as a holy healer, rarely did anything solo, and did a lot of instances along the way. This was easy because I was leveling with my brother - an arms warrior. But you're right, most people go through it all shadow. I think hard wiring your healing skills is really really important and it takes a lot of time to happen.

Ask WoW Insider: Do you tip your tank? {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 8:06PM I've never heard of anybody tipping the tank. Good mana users will be chugging potions anyway if it's at all a tough fight, which makes them spend about the same gold. Also I think rogues may spend some money on some stuff too like poisons, not sure how that adds up.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 4:37PM If you're really wondering if holy priests can top the healing charts, you can check out these anonymous WWS reports from some recent raids I was in:




Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 3:41PM In a previous comment you said that Inspiration was useless in SSC/TK and beyond. Why would that be? Prot warriors are not at the armor cap I don't think. Looking on WoWWiki the increase in Time To Live that 1k of armor gives you is constant no matter how much armor you have up to the cap, and the more armor you have, the more 25% boost from Inspiration is going to increase it, and therefore the more additional Time To Live it will give the tank. Which means that the value of Inspiration goes up, not down, as tanks gear improves until they hit the armor cap with th 25% boost. And I don't think Prot warriors are ever close to the cap (am I wrong?).

Spiritual Guidance: The spirit debate {WoW}

Dec 27th 2007 3:59PM One other thing... I think the +81 healing enchant is probably better than the +20 spirit enchant you were talking about.

Spiritual Guidance: The spirit debate {WoW}

Dec 27th 2007 3:57PM I usually look at the amount of MP5 while casting that I will get from spirit. I consider 1 point of MP5 while casting to be worth approximately 7 points of healing. Since spirit also gives you some special bonus regen if you can stop casting for more than 5 seconds, or if you get an innervate, or if you get a proc from your Bangle of Endless Blessings (which as a priest you really should have), and it can give you some bonus healing and damage with certain talents and buffs, I count spirit as *somewhat* more valuable than just the MP5 while casting that it gives, but not a lot more (maybe like 1.5x).

I do manage to get time outside of the 5 second window in this way. I top my target off, I put a renew and maybe a PoM on them, then I activate Inner Focus and all my spirit bonus trinkets (Bangle of Endless Blessings and Earing of Soulful Meditation), then I cast-cancel my max rank GH for as long as possible and only let it go when I have to to keep the target alive (I'm hoping here other healers pick up the slack, and I don't do this if the target takes huge unpredictable burst damage such as on Tidewalker). When I finally have to let the GH go off, it doesn't interrupt my mana regen because of my Inner Focus, and then I repeat the process cast cancelling for as long as possible on max-rank GH. WHen I finally do have to let it go it stops my regen.

I also can do something similar to this if I get a proc of Clear Casting, though I usually wouldn't proc my trinkets for that.

Breakfast Topic: If you could change one thing... {WoW}

Dec 27th 2007 3:33PM Systematically eliminate reasons why people need to grind for gold/mats in order to raid. Grinding for this stuff is boring. Also it introduces stress between people who come prepared and people who don't. And it makes it so people sometimes can't raid because they haven't done enough boring stuff to be prepared, or else they let their teammates down if they do come.