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Breakfast topic: Future heroic classes {WoW}

Jun 27th 2008 11:21AM Well, you also need to think about the long term vision Blizz has for WoW. (Whatever that may be). If the level cap continues to increase, say 90 in the next expac, eventually, "hero" classes would be sufficiently more attractive if WoW is going to continue pulling in new people. Of course, you have to have leveled a character up to level 55 before you can get a DK, but it makes me wonder if at some point we won't see the first 40-55 levels fall by the wayside with newer content.

Question probably comes down to how far they take WoW I and if/when there is a WoW II.


Twitterers on what makes an epic encounter {WoW}

May 15th 2008 11:26AM I just recently went back into BRD three man and was astounded with the scale of that simple 5-man. Pre-BC dungeons were HUGE and confusing in comparison to the BC ones... and if the WLK dungeons really turn out to be completable in under and hour, that will really change how the 5-mans feel, yet again. When the scale of the world and the depth of the design suprises you, it can be pretty epic, without there even being an encounter involved.

As far as encounters... I love the ZF encounter on the stairs with swarms of mobs and another 5-man helping you. I love when you blow the horn outside Mara and all the centaurs come and attack you up the ramp. Downing a boss for the first time can always feel pretty epic too.


The perils of questing as a healer {WoW}

May 13th 2008 8:08AM Absolutely. I've been leveling a new druid alt with the intention of going resto at end-game, but am feral for the trek to 70. I've basically only healed in instances and it's been just fine. I have been collecting two sets with my quest rewards and drops so that I can smack on my "healing" gear if I need to play that role. Plus, this way you can power through those quests and then still get practice in the role you want to do in the long run. Respecing isn't the end of the world.


The Wow-ku challenge {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 2:56PM I mean, I might as well:

OMG! u noob
i r so 1337 dud,u sux
pwnxorz u bonexorz!

so, what do you think... WTF? 3 syllables or 4?


Ask WoW Insider: How to avoid idiots? {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 3:20PM I PUG way more than any of my guildmates who tend to abhor it. I do it because often my guildies aren't on my same schedule, and I enjoy running instances more than anything else in the game. I've been taking a break from my 70 lock and mage to level up a Druid and so I've been taking to try to heal PUGs on low level instances.

This is a blast for the simple reason that you get three kinds of people.

1) The people like me who already have several 70s, know how to group and are rolling an alt to try out another class. They know what they are doing, have mature ideas about how to deal with instances with others... it's all good.

2) The people who are actually new to the game. They may or may not know what's going on, but you can usually tell if they just have no clue or if they are being a jerk and if they have no clue, I spend a lot of the run wisping them hints about the game, grouping, etc. They usually thank me a lot for it and look me up for questions later on. I think giving people positive group experiences at the start of their WoW playing will help lead to better end-game PuGing too.

3) Lame ninja uber l33t playrz. I'm usually not the one who ends up kicking them from the group, which always makes me feel better.

I really do think PuGs can be fun!

One thing I do to get noticed in LFG is use complete sentences and humor. For instance, my deadmines tells the other day were all along the lines of:

"Tired of LFG for SL or Mech? Don't you want to go kick it old school and show Van Cleef what's what? Hop on an alt and join us for the epic challenge that is the deadmines. Have healer and promise at least one bear dance before the end of the run."

It generally works pretty well. People appreciate LFGs that aren't your typical personal ad.


Breakfast Topic: The best time to play {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 10:41AM The worst is having a day off on a Tuesday, though. So many snow days, (I'm a teacher), this past season were smack in the middle of scheduled maintenance. That is such a bummer. Even my non-gaming wife started getting disappointed for me if I had a cancellation on a Tuesday.

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Breakfast Topic: Alt-o-holics better at WoW? {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 10:36AM One of our leaders for most of our guild's instancing has 5 level 70's, but plays them all very well. He also has a lot of general knowledge of the game, and that's really helpful when it comes to symboling and leading the runs. He is aware of what classes can be counted on to do what and uses us all very well. He has a goal of, like Pendulum already achieved, getting all 9 classes to end game, but of course hasn't started his warlock. (My main class). The difference in his knowledge of my class versus the other classes which has has played and plays well is funny, leaving it often to: "Oh Rahr, just do your warlock thing."

Spec plays a huge role though as I can honestly say that I wouldn't really be able to tell a demo lock how best to play certain situations since I have way less experience with that spec than with my Destro past or my Afflic spec currently. (I think I had a felguard for 3 days).

Focusing on gearing up one or two of your toons while you have fun leveling others is great, and gives you good perspective. I think the problem comes when you start dividing your attention in endgame raiding scenarios. It's hard to keep up on nine toons gear wise with the player who always brings the same toon.

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Report Card: Phase 4 daily quests {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 10:23AM Those who would buy gold will continue to buy gold regardless of the availability of gold making avenues. There have always been opportunities to make gold, relatively quickly, and there are certainly guides to help you. I'd imagine what's motivating those to buy gold is the same that motivates those to buy characters. Wanting to get to a certain point in the game, without having to put in effort. (See those who only ever played Doom with god mode on). What I appreciate is that it has opened up some easily accessible dailies for me that don't require an attunement. I had never done dailies until the SSO quests popped up, (which is pretty n00by of me, admitted), but these quests have given me the ability to start making some headway towards those epic flyers the rest of my grind-willing guild already has. But I don't think the ease of access to these quests is going to deter gold buyers. If anything, maybe just make it easier for the gold sellers to have more gold in their reserves.

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Issues with Omen? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 11:55PM ACE 3 was the key for me. Thanks for that tip!

Addon Spotlight: Goin' commando (or close) {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 9:25PM I only have one really good reason that I don't use more addons than Quartz and Omen: My computer. It is so seriously under system requirements, and I'm already watching a slideshow that anything else on top of it might just be too much:

Mac iBook 1.2 GHz PowerPC G4 with 768 MB DDR SDRAM

and the kicker...

32 MB of ATI VRAM... yikes... You should have seen the first time I went into IF when I only had 512 SDRAM. It was... amazing.