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Angelista? Who the heck is that? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2008 1:39PM Since I've found that Boutique in Stratholme, and saw BWL drop for the first time, I always wondered who she is :) Being unable to answer this question, I decided that she is some epic goods vendor in Strat, sad thing - in new CoT instance, she is gonna be undead boss probably. dropping some blues and maybe epics on heroic mode. what a waste...

The great Panda debate {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 11:08AM the changes done to the undead models in chineese version of the game, weren't purely cosmetic. the actual models geometry was atlered, and so their skins.

with pandas, however, it can be done by changing basic skin (the one before clothes applied to the model), from white/black fur to something else. as a result you will get humanoid bear and noone in china would be able to say that blizzard somehow twisted their pandas.

also, note, that so far, pandas was merely a joke started as a personal drawing. if blizzard decide to make them official, they might as well work out the design needed to make china public accept them.

personally, i believe that pandas not in the game so far, because there is no place them. both geographically and lorewise. TBC is about draenei and blood elves, WotLK is about Arthas and deathknights stuff. nothing for panda interest :) but if next expansion gonna be about south seas, i think it will be a great chance to see them as playable race. i mean - pirates, adventures, uncharted lands, all the cool stuff.

Do summoning stones need neutral guards? {WoW}

Dec 26th 2007 6:24PM While leveling on PvP, at some point I accepted the fact that I can be killed anytime, almost anywhere, and tbh without any reason. Just because some jerk desided to make some fun at my expense. Whatever. Now I'm lvl70 and its all the same, because being a protection warrior have only one benefit - you've got alot of HPs, which only takes that uberleet rogue longer time to kill you.

Ganking itself kinda rare tho, due to the fact that most of my time I'm spending inside instances and there is no opposing faction :)

Having said that, I however do not think that guards will help. And therefore there is no reason to add them. This is because problem lies somewhere else and that is simple fact - PvP in WoW is completely rudimentary and useless.

You saying that conquering a meeting stone can be important, - goal for people to play on PvP. Then let me ask:

What exactly do you think you will achieve by holding meeting stone?

The question is rhetorical, I'll answer myself - first, you will piss off many many people, but eventually they will enter that instance one way or another. So you're not really changing the world here. Just being a jerk, nothing less nothing more. And second, do you came to hold the stone, or do you came to run the instance? Because I came to run the instance and don't really care about your pity PvP rivalries. And if you came to hold the stone then you may just admit that you like to be a jerk, because gameplay wise you're not really doing anything important.

Forget the stone, you can even kill Bolvar or Thrall (or any other important NPC) all day long and this will change absolutely NOTHING. Again, you'll just piss many people off, who wouldn't be able to interact with them. So this is the truly worthy reason to play on PvP server?? lol.

I'm playing Alliance, and Horde members like to call us puny carebears (that I'm sure happens on many realms, sometimes factions can switch roles, but not the point). But at least we're being honest about what we want and what the do. Unlike bunch of jerks, who meet us every day near Karazhan meeting stone, and attack (if and only) they're larger in numbers. Oh, yes - they call themselves mighty hordes.. then again, just to clarify, - it's not really faction related.

ps/ frequent use of a 'jerk' word is not intended, I just can't think of any softer, printable synonym, when speaking about these people.

pps/ whose of you, who read this and want to make comment about rerolling on PvE, or ask me why I'm playing on PvP... well it's not really important why I'm playing on PvP, read it again - it's not about QQ, it's about the fact that I DO NOT have any reason to fight back horde or alliance, when I came to run the instance.

Officers' Quarters: Reinforcements {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2007 3:33PM I'm currently recruiting people for my guild in 60-70 level range, for sole purpose to spend some time with them leveling, to know them better, who and what they are. I must say it was right thing to do, but as we getting closer to 70, it becomes obvious that soon enough we will need to take only lvl70 players, and Kara key is one of my primary concerns. I don't worry for myself, not to mention that few people to whom I trust already got their keys.

Personally I don't mind to help people to get their keys, but as a GM I'm concerned that once they get it, they may leave to another guild that already have Kara on farm. A lot of guilds right now on my server recruiting, and two things they require is lvl70 and Kara key. And they have progress sometimes much further than we currently can dream of. So as you can see, helping people to get their key can be tricky cuz tbh, loyalty isn't something I've seen much in WoW. Btw, everytime I see recruitment messages in channels or on forums, the MINIMUM is lvl70 and Kara key, often they need key to heroics as well.

So if helping your people to getting kara key isn't even a question for several persons posted above, why guilds have such requirements and what should I do?

Details on the new minimap tracking system {WoW}

Oct 21st 2007 10:49AM @13, tbh, I don't care for their 'ty', as long as they ask politely. Point is - I've helped someone, I've got one more player to play with, sometime in future. Maybe not, but hey, there is always a chance, and I consider that as good enough reason to help people, even if they don't thank you for that.

Lately, very often I see how people unfamiliar with alliance/horde side, or just the game itself, asking 'noob' questions in /1 and most of the time they're getting stupid jokes, laugh, or misleading comments. I think it's cruel, so personally I'm glad to see these changes coming, even tho I don't need them myself.

/ps and no, this is not realm issue, this is people issue, and it's not even WoW-unique. seen this on boards too.

Details on the new minimap tracking system {WoW}

Oct 21st 2007 4:50AM @9, I believe this is not their intention to stuck us in the end game grind. You see, for veteran players it's doesn't matter, because they either know all thats necessary to level their alts, or just don't care, rushing forward, to play new content. For newcomers, these changes will be VERY important, because all the people who can guide them, will be progressing through NEW content such as WotLK.

I've already seen this 'elite' public.. They level their characters either with help of their high level guildies or friends, or, if they can't get such help, they go to their main, until some friends log in. Newbies are not welcome, and its really rare when someone cares to explain to them gameplay basics, what is addons and how to use them, NPC locations, etc..