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Azeroth Interrupted: Escape from Los Angeles {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2007 7:33AM Ya I kinda feel for the old days (EQ, CoH, EQ2...). I used to play Vanguard Saga of heroes, and that did fill the void for a bit. I got a bit mad at the devs though for going back on what they promised, and the anti-wow mood on the game (not saying everyone was of course). So I finally gave in to wow, and its alright. The gameplay is a bit to simple for my liking, but it has the most funding right now, so it can make the most updates.

Long story short, it looks like in order to get that feel like we had back in the EQ days, (Not counting the level 17 druids kiting the level 40 mobs =P) I guess we just have to find a game with less people. Dont go for the next "WoW-killer" and instead just find a small niche game. The smaller a community the better they are alot of the time, you cant hide if you are rude to people.