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Ask Massively: A confluence of awesome edition {Massively}

Mar 29th 2012 6:53PM While I completely agree with you on how this is "not awesome". I wanted to point out that you missed one reason that it is not awesome.

The simple fact that these DLC outfits cost 2.99$. Really? 2.99$ per costume, thats 6$ for two costumes. So completely not awesome I do not know how to express it.

The Soapbox: The inevitable Mass Effect MMO {Massively}

Mar 14th 2012 12:15AM Honestly? I do not know. But seeing as a number of the major writers of the series are now on other projects with other companies, Bioware itself is not the "go to" person to develop the story for an MMO version either. While I would cringe to hear that they would hand it off the Cryptic half of their "MMO division", I think there is some development group that is outside of the Bioware brand that could attempt to do it in such a way that people would be happy.

Bioware's failure to give us anything substantially "new" and "interesting" with SWTOR combined with its lackluster graphical and technical experience, does not prove to me that Bioware truly knows how to do anything but create story and deal with loads of VO in their games. While ME3's combat system design is much improved over what was there in ME1, and slightly improved over ME2 (depends on who you talk to on that I guess), they have not shown they can adequately create the ancillary areas of gameplay necessary to keep a persistent MMO world for the masses.

I admire them for what they made in ME3, but the fact is... SWTOR was a failure. I would rather see Bioware focus on extending the ME franchise in the single player experience than try to have them make another convoluted mess of a MMO.

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase details announced {Massively}

Mar 13th 2012 3:48PM I was really hoping for a better selection of Physical CE items for that price. They are basically telling us that the statue is worth 60$. Which may be true, but at least toss in another digital item in the Physical Box to help make it worth it a little.

It is nice to see what sort of "shop" items they are going to give, since three of those digital items look to be something we may see at the shop since they are 1 time and 5day duration items. Nothing to powerful. I would have liked to have seen some sort of inventory upgrade like Rift gave to CE purchasers though. Talking/Reading what testers have said, the current inventory system is just plain bad.

Rumor: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC spotted {Joystiq}

Mar 13th 2012 3:12PM I really hope this is not the Figure DLC. Considering they have said that said DLC will only be for PC and 360 and not the PS3. As a PS3 user, I am already feeling completely alienated by Bioware and EA... this will just tip it over to a, "screw you EA" mode.

The Soapbox: The inevitable Mass Effect MMO {Massively}

Mar 13th 2012 3:00PM Sorry, but Bioware has proven that they simply do not understand how to make an MMO. While the universe of Mass Effect is a wonderful one to jump start any MMO, Bioware's attempt at expressing an already iconic universe in MMO form has been an utter disappointment to most MMO fans. Yes I would love to roll an Asari Adept and jump into that world. The problem is Bioware just simply will not do the IP justice in that game format.

If they truly want to make an MMO, they need to give the IP to a different developer who will look at it with fresh eyes and make a game that is not so directly linked with "false story choice" and more linked with gameplay, real big picture storylines and fun.

GDC 2012: TERA's growth spurt and dynamic events {Massively}

Mar 12th 2012 4:47PM What did you want it to allude to? The game has real issues with its quest design, and its animation locked combat system. The crafting system is far too expensive at lower levels. We have still not seen the level range where the grind "really" started in KTera. So we do not know if EnMasse fixed the lack of quest experience in the upper 40s-50s. The quest XP they added in the lower level areas, tend to be repeating the same questline or going into the same area and defeating the same enemies.

The beauty and originality in the game wears off rather quickly and you are there to judge the game on its content (or lack there of).

GDC 2012: TERA's growth spurt and dynamic events {Massively}

Mar 9th 2012 3:28PM unfortunately, none of this fixes the core issues that game currently has. As much as I want to love this game, it just has too many issues to be worth it.

Flameseeker Chronicles: How do trinities work? {Massively}

Mar 6th 2012 3:37PM First off... the game never stated that there would be no dedicated healer/support in a group. What it did say was that you could take any 5 players and go play together, because the game was designed in such a way that everyone can do a little bit of everything. has always said that GW2 was about the player doing what they wanted to do in the manner in which they choose to do it. If they did not give the opportunity in the game to be a little more healing centric, then they would be doing a disservice to their players.

Do I believe there will be a "trinity" in GW2? Yes, I most certainly do. But it will not be the one we currently have a love/hate relationship with. It will be one of our own creation and a flexible one to boot. We will have a buffer/debuffer/damage setup, that will be about teamwork and not about setting one member to take all/most of the incoming damage and another healer in the back to heal that person up. We will still have the capability of having one person healing, yet it will be at a much lesser degree and could never be counted on to keep everyone alive without the group using their own defensive and healing abilities. It will be a hybrid.

Where this breaks down is the simple fact that we have seen a few of the classes without any type of real group healing mechanics. Where the Elementalist and Engineer may well end up being a "requirement" in dungeons to facilitate ease because of their AoE healing circles/turrets. This is where is going to see their issues.

I can look back on FFXI where there were two types of parties. The ones with the bard and the ones without. A lot of MMOs over the years have had similar issues. I just hope we see see that this may be a concern of players and address it.
The trinity is dead... long live the new trinity.

The Mog Log: Apparently I enjoy receiving hate mail {Massively}

Mar 4th 2012 12:22AM Ill be honest, the only galka I loved was my Galka mannequin bean bag chair I had in my mog house. Something about that Galka sitting in front of the fire with my Verm Cloak on that made me sit on it and watch the fire.

The Mog Log: Apparently I enjoy receiving hate mail {Massively}

Mar 3rd 2012 7:10PM You seem to be grasping onto your own definition of the word "Remake" and not the one that the community is truly asking for. It is the absolute truth that when XIV came out the majority of the community said "Oh they should have just made FFXI-HD". Its also true that the same community said "I hope its not just FFXI-HD" when the game was announced at E3.

I do think you find fault in a lot more of XI than the vast majority of us who played it for 5-10 years. I do not find as much fault in the "forced grouping" as you do. I believe that it was a necessary evil and that it forced the grouping in a manner that was acceptable in most situations. However, your comments on the "mystery" aspects of the game are dead on, to a certain degree. Gone are the days when we are accepting of the 2 year search for the pop conditions of a certain NM. Gone are the willingness of players to search for months and months on how to craft something. These mysteries are the kind of things that need to go, all the rest are what is so desperately needed in the genre today.

As I said, your clinging to your definition of "remake" is what kills this. What we all want now is a return to Vanadiel. A true sequel ala Guild Wars 2. Vandiel is a unique and wonderful world complete with awesome character and story (better than any other MMO out there today. There is a reason you can't find a server in wow without a Prishe or a Shantotto on it.) We want a true sequel. The good of XI far outweighs the bad. The Horizontal and Vertical progression of the Job System. The forced grouping (in certain situations). The intricate (yet would need to be modernized) crafting system. The danger of exploration and Sneak/Invis. The World Boss HNM/NM system. A constant level cap with Merits for slight improvements. Yet nothing really can hold a candle to the vast amount of endgame activities FFXI accumulated over the years. Because of the constant level cap and their refusal to created "loot" that was so fundamentally better than others, every end game activity that was added was a viable avenue of progression and fun. It wasnt until they raised the cap that the true FFXI died. Yet even with the new 99 cap, they are making strides at retuning this content to once again be viable.

In the end, yes we love our Taru and our Mithra (and even the odd people who love their Galka). We want to go back there. The storylines draw our memory and our nostalgia like nothing WoW, Lotro, Rift, Aion or any other MMO could ever do. Give us a modern look with "modern group combat" complete with the "augmented trinity" that XI had with Tank, Healer, Damage and Buffing and Debuffing. You didnt always need all of them, but you needed some of them.

Its not a remake we want, but a sequel that gave us all the good that XI gave with none of the bad. What we got was XIV, which gave us none of the good systems from XI, some of the bad and a lot of copy paste, bad server and graphical design and just a lot of poorly thought out decisions which ended up being a bad "game".