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Watch Pokemon Conquest trailers, lament Nobunaga's omission {Joystiq}

Apr 5th 2012 12:15AM Doesn't seem much like Mystery Dungeon at all, honestly... I think the Tactics comparisons look dead on -- which actually has my interest as goofy as this game sounds on paper.

Joystiq's new commenting system is live {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 9:13PM What I'm never big on with these commenting systems is that they always seem to share my crap all over the place when I really don't want it to. It's convenient to use a FB login for it, sure... but then it's stuck on my profile or the comments link back to my profile and include information I don't really want.

I honestly prefer it being kept separate. I'd be fine with it if we could make our own Joystiq specific accounts, but otherwise I'm not super excited.

Shadowrun Returns: Kickstarter for a sequel from Shadowrun vets {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 9:12PM Definitely will toss some money at this.

EA is The Consumerist's 'Worst Company in America,' wins Golden Poo {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 6:16PM @Softserve Some good extra information:

"Bank of America gave its CEO a pay package worth $7.5 million last year, six times as large as the year before. It happened while the company's stock lost more than half its value and the bank lost its claim as the biggest in the country.

The package for CEO Brian Moynihan included a salary of $950,000, a $6.1 million stock award and about $420,000 worth of use of company aircraft and tax and financial advice."

EA is The Consumerist's 'Worst Company in America,' wins Golden Poo {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 5:13PM This really demonstrates how oblivious and tone-deaf the Internet is at large and makes Consumerist look stupid.

Does EA mistreat its employees and consumers? Sure. I won't argue against that.

Except that we know that 90% of this is based upon people pissed over ME3, or thinking EA milks sequels for sports games or are upset that they need to spend $10 on an online pass.

Does that really compare to a bank illegally foreclosing on people's homes? Seriously?

What a joke.

Entropia Universe player drops $2.5 million on virtual land deeds {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 5:00PM @Beholder87 Even then it'll take him 4 to 5 years to break even on that... Who is to say this will even be around then?

Seems like an odd place to invest.

Second Life used to teach relaxation techniques {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 4:57PM I'm always surprised by articles about people using this game for such purposes. When I loaded it up for the first time I just felt overwhelmed and confused.

Guild Wars 2's character creator brings celebrities to Tyria {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 4:55PM I always hate when the characters CONSTANTLY move when you're creating them. Stand still.

WayForward adds a dose of Neon to Double Dragon for XBLA and PSN {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 4:01PM Could make up for the awful XBLA update that came out a while back. I was always confused by's insistence that the Genesis games on XBLA were awful, yet the Double Dragon redo was great -- it has so much slowdown that it's often unplayable.

Kinect Star Wars review: Needs Force feedback {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 4:00PM The lack of feedback for Kinect has always been the downside for me. I don't know what they could do for that, if anything... Maybe make wristbands that vibrate like a controller would? What would really be awesome would be true resistance, but I don't know how it'd ever work.

I am slightly surprised by the final score, given what Ninja Gaiden 3 got after a horrid review... but to each their own lol