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Guess the patch 2.4 release date and win! {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 9:40AM 4/2/08

The enemy within the Alliance {WoW}

Nov 24th 2007 9:26PM I have played a :

51 Orc Hunter
46 Human Rogue
29 Gnome Mage
and a 25 Night Elf Druid

all on four different servers.

I can see no actual difference in the PvP performance of both factions in either servers.

But I DO notice differences in the winning factions of Battleground Battlegroups.

Certain battlegroups (not 19, 29, or perhaps 39) have a very high amount of winning streaks biased towards a single side, which boosts morale for say (the horde), and brings down the morale for (the Alliance). It has a snowballing effect, either exponentially building up a gung-ho attitude, or a breaking down unity. On horde-biased battlegroups, the Alliance side often breaks down into bickering on the BG channel in Alterac Valley, losing valuable time pulling the boss by arguing on the correct method of pulling the general.

If anyone wants to see any wins in battlegrounds, Blizzard should randomly shift their battlegroup setups every few months, rather than having the same horde facing off the same alliance.

Fix your Exposť keys {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 10:21AM I think you should just disable comments now. Everyone is gonna start a platform flame war, even me!

Reasons to get a Mac
1. Most big-name brands already have Mac versions, World of Warcraft, Adobe Creative Suite 3, Roxio, etc.
2. Macs slow down, but never really crashed for me, or spat out error messages.
3. If you do have slowdowns, do this, run Terminal, type "top -u" without quotes, then find out what program you want to kill, open another Terminal, type "kill -9 [ID number of program[". Lets say I wanna kill laggy Azureus who was stated to have a ID number 872 in top, "kill -9 872". There, I just solved all your Mac performance problems.
4. For silly tools that make only Windows compatible software, I also had my Mac dual-bootable to Windows too, XP only though because Vista is crap.

Azeroth Interrupted: It's OK to AFK {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2007 1:12AM I totally agree, and I particularly despise those 9-year old infants with way too much time on their hands, that throw a total fit when I have to go AFK to take care of a issue, the phone, the family, visitor, doorbell, etc. They blame the entire party wipe on me, even though they can't read the chat channel that I have told them beforehand I left the keyboard.

I mean, if the most valuable thing in your life is represented by your Warcraft avatar, you got issues, and you better go outside to find something more important, like a responsibility, or a girlfriend.

I always put real life ahead of my digital life, because no matter how many times you die in WoW, its only a minor penalty. And even if you get 0.5 of an experience point, you still made some amount of progress in the game, thats 0.5 of a exp pt to level 70 :).

Why would you want someone else to play a game for you? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 2:26PM I would like to make a point that even in digital world like World of Warcraft, no one really has the right to dominate your will like a dictator, and tell you how to play. But this is exactly how people act in this game.

For example, you are not given permission to tell any advice to starting players if you are not a bona-fide level 70 with 80 billion arena rating and full arena epics in your class forums. It'll just attract flames from losers who spent more time behind a screen than you.

In the end-game certain guild officers will tell you what spec to become, or not accept you into the guild at all based on your gear, talent spec, play preferences, available hours, and most importantly class. I had the misfortune of rolling the two most unwanted classes for end-game raiding, the hunter, and the rogue.

So if someone came up to you, starts flaming you for rolling a easy-2-play class, and tells you to reroll a priest, shaman, druid, or a paladin, you are going to be considerably frustrated and angry. Now you'll need to get your new alt to level 70, that can't complete quests as easily as a overrolled pet class, and being berated by fellow instance members for not healing fast enough or for running out of mana in Scarlet Monastery.

You think anyone wants to relive the entire boring adventure again? Or would they just hire some gold farmer with obvious language barriers that other players can see through, and report to Blizzard, thus causing their entire accounts and characters to be banned and deleted. Now they got no characters, and they got to buy a new account with completely different payment information from their banks to play again, and it's very likely they will come back.

Blizzard profits from the time you spent on your main, the time you ARE spending getting your better alts up to level 70, the money you paid for the clients and authentication keys, and the money you had to repay Blizzard after they banned your first account for cheating.

They don't ban you because you broke the rules, they banned you because they know you are addicted, and your coming back.

More accelerated leveling news {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 2:05PM Blizzard is supposedly increasing levelling speed between 20-60, but all I found in 2.3 PTR so far is that most elite quest mobs have been downgraded into normal mobs, so you can complete more quests at a lower level before it turns green.

I think the most fun part of Warcraft is you working hard to bring your avatar to the maximum level, making new friends and learning as well as mastering your class. As soon as you reach the end, you have nothing to do but to collect gear and engage in raids, which is not for everyone who can't spare 6 hours a day with their online guilds. So for many normal people, the game is over at that point.

If levelling was made just that much easier as many disgruntled players like me envision it to be, more players will get bored and close their accounts, or roll another class.