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The Daily Quest: Making your own items, Killing Spree, and more {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 4:34PM It's certainly a new variation of mis-spelling my name.

Ready Check: Cooldown Management {WoW}

May 28th 2009 9:28PM "If every DPS class had an effective "Execute," it would be a no brain decision."

It's a no brain decision, but not the one you're thinking. Combining heroism and execute abilities reduces the "uptime" of the execute abilities in comparison to non-heroism execute time, and overall will result in the same dps & boss kill time.
We've covered this issue at EJ:

The Daily Quest: Podcasts galore {WoW}

May 19th 2009 11:34PM There may be some sort of selection process for TDQ, but I'm not sure what they are (none of the blog entries I've submitted have ever shown up).

Blizzard finishes courtyard statue {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 9:01PM is another example of the cool stuff Weta does.

WoW Insider Twitter returns with updates from the whole team {WoW}

May 7th 2008 6:51PM If it were an twitter feed of the news items, I'd use it.
The extra bits & pieces would probably be better as a separate feed.

Totem Talk: Odds and more odds {WoW}

Oct 28th 2007 4:09PM The 2.3 changes can be summed up into three points for elemental:

1) Mana efficiency has increased. For the clearcasting change to be a nerf, you'd need to have 50%< crit.
2) Threat. Our threat output has been reduced by shifting part of our damage output to LO procs, and making it threatless.
3) DPS. Unfortunately, unless the above two issues limited your DPS, this patch is a nerf (current estimates are around 8-9%). However, we will most likely see similar level DPS, or an increase, in practice because of the stopcasting change, assuming that your ping/stopcasting delay is greater than 150ms.

Also, re: Comment #16. 0/5/56 is not the only heal spec, and can actually be less useful than a 8/0/53 build. Removing Focused Mind (silence duration reduction) and Ancestral Knowledge (+5% mana,500 mana with a base pool of 10K) can give you Concussion (+5% damage) and Elemental Warding (-10% frost/fire/nature damage taken).

Lastly, we're building up TC threads for Elemental/Restoration @ EJ atm