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Have prot warriors been left behind? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 2:52PM wow, just wow
Warriors are still the most significant tanks out there. By a long shot. Yes pally's are very useful for tanking packs of mobs. Yep druids are great for burst threat. Warriors however have something the neither of those classes have...emergency buttons. Last stand and Shield wall- these 2 abilities make warriors uniquely suited to tanking just about and 25 man raid boss...much more so than. Oh and dont forget that spell reflect ability, that sure comes in handy.

Back in my learning days of Kara when it was the place to be these abilities made a warrior tank a great asset. So what if you need a prot pally to properly do za- by the time that instance was released there were much bigger fish to fry tbh. As for 5 mans, i dunno back when i ran heroics every day I ran with a prot warrior as much as any other tank, i would say more than the other classes combined actually. So what if you can overgear for heroics when you have high level can bears[dodge dodge dodge dodge etc]. Hell as a rogue I can overgear for them too- if my tank is too well geared then they can't even come close to me for threat generation- solution = kill everything faster with your awesome gear [it works!].

So you can't tank heroic shattered halls or za. How many bears do you know that tank kael or illidan or mag or gorefiend or.....etc

The Art of War(craft): Twinkage part II {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 11:26PM Legs- Spellthread and Leg armor can be used, a level 60 must apply them to a pair for Bind on Equip legs and mail them to your twink. Amusingly this means that if you ever happen to run into a pair of Petrolspill Leggings in Gnomer that you have likely ran yourself into a few thousand gold if you are patient with them [no twink will be able to look at these on the ah day in and day out believe me].

Item level 35 gear- Quite a number of ilvl 35 items are available in this bracket, however with the increased quest experience one has to plan ahead fairly well [qq wtb razerics racing grips].
For weapons there is only a couple I believe. These is some axe with a proc ability that may be good for warriors, not really to sure on its name [proc on hit fails for hunter like me]. There is also a mace, skullbreaker I believe it is called. It is a mainhand caster mace with i think int and spirit on it, but it can take a bc chant, so toss soulfrost or 81 healing or mongoose on it for sure! This mace, even with its useless stats will still outperform torturing poker any day of the week. I hear 120 agility is a pretty significant amount at level 29. Also to note here is that bliz pulled an epic fail move in 2.3. There was another ilvl 35 mace that had melee stats on it [str stam i think], but they have since nerfed it to ilvl 34 or some such-- HOWEVER they grandfathered all the old ones with mongoose-- as such I will never make a 29 rogue twink.
Also the Master Hunters Rifle can take the sniper scope, and is also the best dps weapon for twink hunters [altho it requires some tricky business to get now because its a LOT of quests- basically have a 70 out of group do the quests for you- tag the mob with as little dmg as you can, level 70 kills it, you get 1 exp, rinse and repeat for all 13 safari quests].
Raptor Hunter Tunic is also ilvl 35+ so it can take a bc chant [i recommend against +15 resilience- it did not perform very well for me- maybe a pure flag runner might like it though]. +6 to all stats is just swell as a hunter.
****GALEN CUFFS**** See all the stars there, yep, thats lots of stars. This piece is sooo easy to get, just one stupid quest that a friend can run you through in 5 minutes likely, and these things take a bc enchant. Every cloth and leather wearer [mail get mail ilvl 35 wrists maybe?] should have these. 24 ap for me is huge [24 out of 319], and it will be for you too if you are melee. I know casters get some funky albeit more expensive wrist enchants in bc as well. Also these things have int an stam on them so its not a total waste for mana classes. But I reiterate [see stars above!], I dont care how much you like your barbaric bracers *glares at rogues*, these things are much better.
Back- This is where melee get a huge bonus, Parachute Cloak, because all twinks are engineers right [should be], Parachute Cloak is ilvl 35+ so it can take the +12 agi chant. GOOD STUFF. I would recommend even casters pick one of these up and throw something like shadow resist on it, nothing quite like grabbing the boots at lm and parachuting down to bs when its in trouble- even if you only use it for that purpose its handy to have.

Boots- You can pick up a pair of ilvl 35+ form the stv fishing extravaganza- on these you could put a number of nice chants- boars speed, cats grace, 12 agi, vitality[!!], Surefooted. However as Zach noted in his article, movement is king in pvp, and your arathi basin boots already have that stat, I found that I was better off just getting ab boots and popping +7 agi on them [which is awesome because fishing for 8 hours to get those boots doesn't really sound all that fun when level 35+ crocs which I can't kill [due to exp issues] are chasing me around hehe.

That about wraps up what I have to say about item enhancements excluding one small thing-- Mana oil is win. Too often I do not use it, but a little bit of mp5 goes a long way at this level, and it persists through death and lasts for an hour, so I dont really consider it a consumable as such.

For an example of a mostly twinked out hunter, here is my armory. A few things I could improve on are getting Petrolspill leggings, the Grandmaster trinket, Razeric's Racing Grips [loooong quest chain that I will not be able to do unless they put in the olde exp toggle] and finally a Charged Gear ring of the Monkey [random enchant ring that drops from a boss in gnomer...oh sigh gnomer]

The Art of War(craft): Twinkage part II {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 11:26PM I think people make twinks to get away from the 70 game. Also its imo a bit more conducive to getting a few of yer buddies together for some twink bg's than it is for 70 bg's.

As for this whole 'this this and this class dont work well at 29' nonsense... I dunno...pretty much any class seems to work just fine. My buddy is one of those warlocks that sucks, yet most of the bg's I see him in he is 1st or 2nd for total dmg done.
Another one of my buddies plays a 29 priest who is pretty much invariably at the top of the healing list [get him together with our buddy who plays the rogue and its OVER for the enemies]. Seriously if you could sit behind this guy and watch him drag people around in circles just living forever and renewing every teammate in range while doing it...well you certainly wouldnt be saying priests are in any way gimped at this level.
Paladins have BoP and can somehow generate some ridiculous amounts of hit points.
Shamans get ghost wolf making them the fastest class- additionally casters HATE shamans [earth shock].
Druids are notoriously good at flag holding [and to a lesser extent running]. As a fully twinked out hunter...the only 2 classes I care about as flag runners are druids and paladins- the rest will fall with relative ease barring a healer.
Honestly the only class that I feel has a particularly bad hand at this level is mages, and that is simply because of the lack of any problems which I [as a hunter] have with them. I find that even twink mages are only a couple hits away from death at full health [arcane shot, auto shot multi shot auto shot dead is about how it goes]. Even mages tho, given a bush or somewhere to not be seen while dropping bombs and they can drop ya pretty quick.

Because it is not very clear from the rest of the comments I would like to clear up the waters a bit on the subject of gear enhancements.
Helm- The librams [namely constitution (100hp) and voracity(+8 stat of choice)] can be used. Simply get you 70 to do the quest to make the arcanum, and they can then apply it to *ONLY* a bind on equip helm and mail them to your twink- this will not soulbind the helm. It should be noted that due to the large hp bonus you can get out of this it makes BoP helms a non-issue at this level, find yourself a BoE one [my hunter for instance uses Pathfinder Hat of the Monkey, a green with +9 stam +9 agi].
The burning crusade helm glyphs are not usable as they will soulbind the item.

Shoulder- No enhancement can be gained legitimately.

Ready Check: Progression {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 7:04PM Imagine having to complete step 5 before completing step 6.
Also the first 3 bosses in each of hj/bt are easy mode, they are meant as a reward for taking the time to kill kael and vashj, and as a way for people to get new shiny epix each week without having to stay back in tk/ssc. Ya I'm sure there are TONS of people who want unrestricted access to hj/bt. Tough. Go kill Kael and Vashj like the rest of us. Also...being in a guild who is working on archi with him if you can't kill kael or vashj. Archi is all about everyone staying alive much like vashj. I'm not sure, little ways away yet, but I get the impression that Illidan is kinda like kael with all the seperate little fights and positional requirements.

Consider Vashj and Kael your warm up for the real end game bosses [and sources of end game loot ie- Belt of One Hundred Deaths]

I can't wait to read all the qq posts about how impossible Sunwell is from all the people running around with half vindicator/gladiator epics on.

All fires are not the same {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 6:15PM Hehe I have always been amused / annoyed by this.
One thing that I find most amusing about it- I have looked up and down and all around- in Everlook in Winterspring [you know that zone FULL of snow], there is not so much as one cooking fire.


At last it dropped {WoW}

Jan 29th 2008 2:40PM Hehe Belt of One Hundred Deaths, what a fool I am. This dropped on our first Vashj kill, 2 rogues in the group, Fullthrottle and I. This was before the expertise change and as such it was very sidegrade to Belt of Deep Shadow which we both had. However I had paid a ludicrous amount of gold to have Deep Shadow crafted for me before I got a raid spot in my guild, so I was kinda dismayed about the drop. So I was chatting with the other melee in our channel about it and told Full about the upcoming change to weapon skill -> expertise and how it would improve the belt. Little did I realize how big an improvement. So a minute after announcing to send her tells for the belt, the officer says main spec calls would be closed soon- at which point I /w her and asked for a moment longer that me and full were discussing it. So sure enough Full does the right thing and takes it, and I will never see the best belt in the game [barring sunwell]. Lesson: Don't get attached to items you bought for lots of gold.

If reference to the question posed to us:
Dragonspine Trophy
In likely 20 gruul kills I have not seen this drop. None of the melee raiders in my guild have it either- so chances of receiving it even if I were to see it drop- which is unlikely as my guild no longer raids gruul for some time now- are slim.
Oh well wtb MoTB XD

Build Shop: Rogue 19/42/0 {WoW}

Jan 16th 2008 9:10AM Couple things, from a rogue who raids heavily.

Imp evis- good to have even if only for trash- on trash its hard to justify the use of rupture that will only tick half its duration vs a evis which can crit 25-35%. On bosses its not unused either. Tons of immune to bleed bosses- and when you use ar you should be able to drop a rupture 5 have snd up and still find about 3 points for an evis before you refresh snd and set up for your next rupture [assuming 2 piece t4].

On the filler points-- while I agree Imp sprint is great, and I will take it next time i respec, i currently have blade twisting which i believe is better for me for raiding. Mount hyjal is full of trash that has a tendancy to run around- being able to run around dazing enemies and slowing them down is good stuff.
NoS is neat but I advise against it- take endurance. Being able to evasion every 3.5 is wondrous- it makes it not so painful to use it. I'm not gonna say a lot of times, but I have definitely used it twice in boss fights before. Mostly helps with trash again, but ya, try it you will love it. Also the sprint on shorter cd means you can sprint up after a wipe and guaranteed have sprint ready for the boss fight ;p

For raid purposes take lightning reflex of imp gouge. Imp gouge is neat for pvp tho [lets you restealth after a gouge].

Finally, on cooldowns. I try to pop cooldowns together, hopefully at the same time as bloodlust.
Also watch for things like mongoose procs and drop your rupture 5 when you have 2 of those up if possible.

Encrypted Text: How to be evil {WoW}

Nov 1st 2007 9:05AM Ok I think I have got a jewel here for you all.
I was playing with my friend at his house [he has 2 computers- which are facing away from each other]. We were working on the Onyxia attunement, but he was a litle further back in the chain than I was. I was at the point where you have the amulet thing that turns you into a dragonkin when you are in the cave in Dustwallow marsh. Also worth to note my buddy is a feral druid.
So I got to the cave a little bit ahead of him and done my disguise without him noticing. Then I kinda turn around and watch his screen for when he enters the mouth of the cave. I then start 'patrolling' towards the front of the cave and say 'Hey dude watch out for the level 70 elite dragonkin they put in here'. So he clicks his stealth on and says he's good- but then I started walking like straight for him..and he just started freaking out..How the hell can it see me man its almost on top of me come help! At which point I burst into laughter and he noticed my dudes name above the '70 elite dragonkin'.

Maybe not precisely evil...but definitely hilarious.

Shifting Perspectives: That special versatility {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 11:04AM Cmon now, druids are fine leave well enough already alone.

Ferals: Can tank pulls when needed and then switch out some gear and dps when another tank is not needed. In an absolute pinch they could even unshift and pop a battle res, innervate and a couple crappy heals. I see no problem here- no you aren't going to top the dps meters, nor should you-but you are certainly helping the raid a helluva lot.

Balance: Can put out ungodly damage while buffing other casters. Can heal decently in a pinch, innervate, battle res. Only problem here is threat mitigation

Resto: Best HoT's in the game, battle res, innervate. Some of the best healers for classes that dont take burst damage [ranged dps perhaps- even melee dps altho a shaman prolly better suited]. Good ones can even hide in bear form instead of dying instantly if they get unwanted agro.

PvP: Aren't druids pretty much the most wanted arena class next to maybe pallys?

Solo play: My friends level 70 druid with maybe 3 epics can kill things my epicced out rogue could only dream of... [maybe I can kill things faster...but all the same...]

So...I see druids pretty much covering all niches here, and fairly effectively. Sure you cant be especially strong at more than one thing at once...but nor is any other class..stop asking for the world plz.

Druids are fine.

Money money money by the pound {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 1:01PM So many ways to make way them all:

Just farm it and ah it, huge money.

Remaining outland quests:
Self explanatory

Daily Quests:
Decent, not great, Skettis is effective though [especially if you are a herbalist you can kill the giant forest ragers while questing]

Aldor/Scyer Rep items:
I personally farm these in SMV. 100g+ an hour.

Pools of Pure water on elemental plateau = 2 primals+ in 10 minutes, mmmmm

Grey items:
Pick up each one you see and vendor it, pennies make thousands eventually.

Netherweave and Runecloth both sell well.

Disenchant EVERYTHING:
Well vs vendoring it, I dont care if you ran your friend the SM and got a few greens...chanting mats sell..well..and cost nothing to post. Only exception here is greens that will sell for 9g+ you are likely better off vendoring.

Old World Instances:
The high level ones. Bring your chanter buddy to strat or scholo or DM, clear it and split the stuff

Don't buy stuff:
Simple, stuff is a waste of money if you are trying to farm 5200g. It prolly sucks anyways and you can get it later!

Twilight cultists, rare spawns everywhere you turn, Windreavers new name is Winreaver...mmmm silithus.

Dumb people selling stuff cheap:
This requires a little bit of foreknowledge...but things like arcane tomes/fel armaments/primals/motes/herbs/ore is commonly undersold- if you catch some cheap stuff on the market you can buy it and repost it...either later or right away. Also patterns are neat, just as an example, i noticed a Recipe for Major Mageblood Elixir up the other day...35g, I laughed and bought it out and repost for 500g, gone in a couple hours.

Patience is a virtue:
Farm diversely so that you always have a nice selection of goods- stored on your bank alt- then check prices...if they are lower than normal, wait, but if you can post your stuff at a price that you like, then do so. Remember it is gonna take you a few weeks for 5k gold, so no harm in those stacks of adamantite sitting in your bags for a couple days untill the price creaps over 20g/stack again.

Major mana/health pots:
Its a small consideration, but I still sell these all the time, only for a gold each...sometimes they are even on vendors in them..they will sell.

Netherweb Spider Silk:
This stuff is really really easy to farm...make sure to have 10 or so around at all times...sometimes you will see none on the it then..for a lot...people are lazy and impatient...take full advantage of this.

Finally...this one I shouldnt reveal..but meh..
l66-70 this on the ah, check the price of large prismatics. On my server lps are always 20g+. So any l66-70 rares I see on the ah for less than 16g I will buy/bid on. Then you just disenchant them, post the lps and profit. Let me tell you there are loooots of tailors and lw that just ah their imbued nw robes and heavy cleft boots instead of finding a chanter...silly them ;p

Above all, switch it up, farming one thing you will burn yourself out quick...just spend an hour here, 40 minutes there, 20 minutes here and you will be much better off...
Well off to silithus to find windreaver..wish me luck