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Dude Wheres My Shaman {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 6:33PM @79 and 81
I was refering more to raid grouping, in that if protection warriors are available, they will more often then not be given priority. And because of that, if you want to raid, your best chance is resto spec.

Besides, feral spec refers to 2 types of play, tanking and dps. Cat form dps has its own problems just like enhancement, and both of these specs are replaceable in raids.

As far as
"either you are rolling with idiots or your skills as a feral are so bad no one wants to group with you";
I am not feral, i am a balance druid and I have just as many complaints about my spec as people have for their shaman.

In my opinion, the biggest problem both druids and shaman face is the public perception of anything other than resto spec. All off-spec druid and shaman should be able to pull their weight in a raid, and those who get the chance prove this. But so many people refuse to even entertain the thought that many good players are not able to show what they can do. So while I agree there are issues that need to be fixed for both classes, I think the best solution to these problems is to break the stigma about off-specs. I have to wonder if all the pleading for fixes (myself included) would die down if off-specs were accepted as they are. As I see it, the biggest reason for these fixes to the druid and shaman off-specs is so we can prove ourselves to other people, usually in the form of a dps meter or obvious group utility (i.e. Moonkin aura improvements, totem improvements, etc.). Anyone else feel this way?

Dude Wheres My Shaman {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 1:03AM For those posters that said Druids are in a better position then Shaman are, consider this:

1. Druids are in the same situation as far as "only being good for healing". Even with the feral improvements, people only want us to heal. We are no different than shaman in that respect.

2. True, shaman dont have a snare ability, but they do have a counter-spell. Druids have a snare, but not a counter-spell. Neither class is exactly happy with this, but druids are not "better off".

3. Raid utility, comparing similar specs:
Elemental shaman group buffs are better than Moonkin. Spell damage, 3% spell crit, and for alliance spell hit for shaman vs 5% spell crit with moonkin. DPS is roughly even, maybe more for moonkin, but group dps with shaman is more. Advantage Ele shaman.
Enhancement again has better group buffs than cat form, and group dps gives an advantage to the shaman again.
Resto is a draw in my opinion.

4. You may not be happy with the current state of shamans and think that Blizzard forgot you in TBC, but at least you get gear. Name more than 2 items for moonkin from raid content (before 2.3 ;/ ).

I guess my point is, dont think you are the only class who isnt feeling the love. Druids in general have felt this way for at least as long as you have.

Is Druid insta-shifting overpowered? {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2007 9:10PM One thing to consider is that perhaps one of the reasons druids are nearly snare immune is that they have no counterspell ability. Imagine you are stuck somewhere and are forced to watch your death countdown in the form of the enemy cast bar...
At least let us run if we can do nothing to stop anything you are casting.
Also, forcing us to pause in caster form while switching is like forcing a warrior to switch his gear to leather while switching stances. It just doesnt make sense.
Just a couple of thoughts...

Shifting Perspectives: That special versatility {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 2:23AM Well, its a good idea, but here's the problem;

Your vision for synergy in our talent pool helps the druid take advantage of its multi-tasking ability.

Blizzard's vision for synergy in our talent pool means...

...Melee for Mana...