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In-flight iPhone snaps Space Shuttle launch {}

May 17th 2011 10:13AM I want my fame too! I saw Discovery (STS-119) launch during a flight from Orlando-NYC

What was MIA from the big iPad announcements today? {}

Mar 2nd 2011 9:43PM "At times, iOS 4 feels like an app switcher rather than a full-blown OS. Apple.... rescue us."

I could not agree more. This is why I sold my iPad 1 and will not buy an iPad 2. I still remain optimistic for iOS 5 though. Give iPad 3 a true tablet OS, maybe squeeze in a few extra pixels, and I am sold.

Do you hate your iPad? {}

Feb 21st 2011 1:14PM I have already abandoned my iPad in favor of my iPad Nano, aka my iPhone 4.

Dreaming of the iPad 2: One geek's wishlist {}

Jan 17th 2011 4:44PM For myself and all my friends (who reside on the nerdier side of the spectrum) who all own iPads and iPhone 4's, the iPad is getting continuously out shined by the iphone.

The software on the iPad was really designed for a phone. There are very few situations where i find myself preferring the iPad over the iPhone. The system is flawed in that manner. I'm not holding my breath, but the iPad deserves much better than the current phone-style mono-task uni-window icon-only-desktop operating system.

iOS 4 on iphone is awesome. iOS 4 on the iPad is underwhelming to say the least. At least it isn't iOS 3 with no folders and "iMultitasking" anymore, thank god.

Dreaming of the iPad 2: One geek's wishlist {}

Jan 17th 2011 4:23PM A giant leap forward in iOS 5 is needed to save the iPad.

Right now it is still suffering from being just a big iphone. The software is what the ipad needs to get this platform really moving.

(i use the phrase "save the ipad" loosely. obviously apple can package a turd and it will be the gadget of the year)

iPad owners' usage increasing over time {}

Nov 15th 2010 4:57PM I have to say that it has been the opposite for me. And it isn't because the novelty wore off, it is because of the following 2 critical issues:

1) iPhone 4. It just does everything and does it better than the ipad. It fits in my pocket, has essentially the same resolution, iOS 4, and developers seems to care a lot more about iphone. The ipad is great, but the iphone is better. My iPad is my laptop replacement and does that job very well. iPhone 4 however does the job even better.

2) iOS 4. I dread turning on my iPad for the lack of folders and multitasking. iOS 4.2 is so close, yet so far. I can almost taste it!

Dear Aunt TUAW: RSS in the clouds {}

Sep 17th 2010 3:19PM +1 for Reeder.

-1 for the comment "I checked out Google Reader, but it seems lacking." and not backing it up with any actual reasons as to HOW it is lacking. Google Reader is awesome and point for point exactly what this person is looking for. It is just a little overwhelming on your first use.

TUAW review and giveaway: XtremeMac InCharge Duo for iPad {}

Sep 10th 2010 12:21PM Oh man, I lust for this dock. iPhone 4 + iPad 3g.

No fair: Gizmodo editor leaves his phone in a restaurant, gets it back right away {}

Aug 22nd 2010 6:27PM This is an absolutely classless post, TUAW.

TUAW giveaway: Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor for iPhone 4 {}

Jul 29th 2010 10:54PM Tungsten! or any of the above.

Anything for my precious!