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Recent Comments: now recruiting {WoW}

May 19th 2009 10:45AM Don't know why the guild name isn't there. Sterling. I do remember typing it. :) now recruiting {WoW}

May 19th 2009 10:28AM Guild name:
Faction: Alliance
Server: Moon Guard (RP)
Active time*: Most of the guild is on EST

Accomplishments: Sterling is a long-lasting, heavy RP guild, having been together for over two years, even sticking together over a server move.

Goals: We wish to continue being one of the respected guilds on our server.

Who we are: Our IC Misison: “The mettle of a man is tested in adversities and he, who remains firm in his beliefs comes out shining.”

A self-appointed order of protectors and guardians, Sterling roams all of Azeroth and Outands, to put a stop to trouble before it gets out of hand. We owe fealty to no king, bend knee to no gods. We go where needed, where armies cannot, to stand alongside any against the greater evils. Our strength lies not in our weapons, but in our hearts.

As a tangible symbol of our direction, the tabard reflects both the might of our weapons and the color of the blood we shed in the name of justice. Helping others, and fighting for honor and justice is the true path to Glory. Not in the vain, human sense of the word, but in the sense that one’s actions have an effect on the world around them. True Glory lies in the betterment of others.

What we're looking for: Active mature roleplayers who enjoy all aspects of the game. (We do not accept applications from players under the age of 20.)

Contact: Bjorke, Truitt, Stoughfield, Lanica or Lauradell

The Queue: The Scantily Clad Edition {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 3:36PM I haven't seen skimpy armor on my rogue since the Cabalist set in the 40s (which I still have). Oh, sure, there was an Outlands chest piece that was held up by sheer will power, but now? Sure, coverage from chin to toe may be better armor in a realistic world, but this is WoW, home of the murloc, land of the bog lord.

My rogue's got great gams and I wanna show 'em off!

All the World's a Stage: So you want to be an Alliance Rogue {WoW}

Feb 8th 2009 11:58PM My human rogue has close, personal ties to Ravenholdt, but is not currently associated with them. She is an herbalist who runs an import/export business. I see it as a class that can delve into the seamier side of things, into the jobs that need to be done, while making a tidy profit at the same time.

Forum post of the day: Friends in low places {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 3:25PM As the leader of a heavy RP guild on an RP server, I'm well aware our members may not have the same priorities as raiding guilds. However, that doesn't mean that we don't have high expectations of our guildmates. Looking for a great tank? Highest DPSer? You'd better go by individual player. But if you are looking for a fun, respectful player who knows their character well and can add depth and dimension to PvE, then by all means, choose any from our roster.

While abilities may vary, both in terms of PvE and RP, all of our members represent the guild at all times. There's not one I would point to and say, "No, he's a cousin of a friend of a nephew of mine. Not that one."

How to turn off Achievement Spam {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 10:51AM My co-guild leader didn't like the Achievement notices, and asked if I knew how to turn them off. I did tell my guildies, but not until I finished turning in my last Trick or Treat quest to get my own achievement noticed. I agree that the current festival has brought a flurry, and it will die down soon, I"m sure. But I like them, too, and think it adds a sense of camaraderie to guild chat.

Breakfast Topic: If you could change one thing {WoW}

Jul 6th 2008 11:13AM I would get rid of my main's earrings. Silver hoops just don't go with mass slaughter and cranky attitude.

Guildwatch: The Robin Hood of Gurubashi {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 9:36AM Thank you for adding our guild recruitment post for Sterling on Moon Guard, however, the link you included leads to my podcast, not the guild web site. The correct link is: .

The merits of WoW clothing {WoW}

May 3rd 2008 12:45PM I have several, and it embarrasses my teenage daughter no end when a teen boy comments on them. (Yes, I'm a Mom Gamer) Comments such as "Cool shirt" aren't bad (in her eyes), but when they go on to ask me what realm, class or spec I am, she is mortified! As for myself, I'm always happy to swap WoW stories, so I love to wear my shirts!

All the World's a Stage: Ten Commandments of Roleplaying {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 8:45AM Cyrna, your attitude is wonderful! RPers like you make a server's RP atmosphere better. And as David said in his article, it does take work to make a server fun for all. Taking the MMO part of this RPG into account can be very fun. I'd much rather RP with someone than on my own.

Perhaps a commandment to be added would be: Thou shalt relax and have fun! While I enjoy playing with people who take RP seriously, it's still fun to do. This isn't my work; it's my play.