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Three tips for the wacky world of AH pricing {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 8:48PM Well, two things. First, the assumption was you buy cloth that is less than 3g a stack. If it's 2g80s a stack, you gain 20s for each stack bought. Buying them for 3g a stack would result in no profit, and was not the author's intention.

To reply to the netherweave bag issue, first of all not everyone is a tailor. Second of all, bag pricing can vary. Bags sell great and fairly reliably, but many people list them and they are therefore quite vulnerable to undercutting and expired auctions. Making bandages is something anyone can do (secondary profession, you may not have it, but you *can* have it) and is guaranteed. You just walk up to any vendor and boom, profit. Instant, no auction house fees, no waiting for a seller.

Three tips for the wacky world of AH pricing {WoW}

Sep 11th 2008 8:42PM I agree and disagree as far as raw materials. Personally I bought herbs off the Auction House, mixed elixirs/flasks (got extras from mastery), and sold the finished products. For every 100g of materials I bought, I sold roughly 150g in finished products. I realize this is far different with other professions, but with Alchemy... it's a gold mine. I started with 500g and had my epic flyer in five days.

Ask WoW Insider: How to PuG Heroics {WoW}

Aug 28th 2008 5:40AM My advice is to simply just keep doing them. After a few times you'll start to bump into some of the same people. If they happen to do their job well, and you do your job well, suggest that you add each other. A good example of this is me leveling a Feral Druid with a few friends (Enh Shaman, Resto Shaman, Retr Pally, and Combat Rogue). The group itself was a good mix, with melee buffing other melee and the Resto Shaman being able to chainheal and heal everyone, but we didn't always have all of us there. More often than not we would PUG a dps or two, and we would often seek out seemingly uncommon allies like a dps Warrior or a Survival Hunter because they worked well with the group.

In essence what I'm recommending to do is PUG long enough that you basically don't have to PUG. Notice who is doing well, whether it's a healer that keeps everyone alive or a tank that actually holds aggro. Before you finish the instance, inspect them. If it seems like they'd still have a good amount of upgrades via heroic loot or badge loot, chances are they'd like to run heroics whenever they could. Add them to your friends list. Instead of going to LFM, start by seeing if they'd like to get a group going. If you can't find a full group, entering LFM but only needing one or two more gets you a much more reliable group, and it's typically faster than finding a complete PUG (people are more likely to join an almost-full group then join up with someone just starting to look).

So basically, PUG. Meet people via PUGs. Make friends. Start groups before entering LFM. PUG what you need. Meet more people and make more friends. PUG less and less as you go on.

Retribution Paladins in patch 2.3: buffed or betrayed? {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 4:59PM According to Test Realm Patch notes:

"Fanaticism (Retribution) now also reduces threat caused by all actions by 6/12/18/24/30%."

Sounds like a passive threat reduction to me, at least to Retr Pallys lvl 49 and above.

@55 "If you have not ever played a Paladin PLEASE shut up. your making an ass out of yourself" has got to be the best thing said about Pallys ever. Simple and to the point. Pallys are immensely hard to play and hard to understand, to even try to comprehend them without first-hand experience is ludicrous. I have a 70 Paladin and am still learning the nuances of the class myself.

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, Part 2 {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 2:23PM @various Unless you have a high-level Pally yourself, STFU about how I should spec. All it sounds like is "Let me DPS you heal." Have you ever played a healer? I actually love healing and it still can wear me out incredibly. Would I raid as a Shockadin? No. But they can do absolutely everything else in the game well. 5k burst dmg in less than two seconds is not bad at all, IMO, so be quiet with your hits-like-a-fish comments.

@10 Unfortunately it seems Deadlyblonde from the "Fury of the Light" PvP video has respecced. Who knows if it's temporary or permanent, but right now she's 41/20/0 with about 3x as much healing as spell dmg.

I've tried the Shockadin build once, and I do agree that it is powerful. However, it's really the most powerful in PvP. Sure, with a proper healing set, you can heal for 5-man's easily. What you are giving up that hurts most is Divine Illumination (15s 50% mana reduction) which is absolutely brilliant against boss AoE/chain attacks. The Protection talents you give up do hurt, but IMO not nearly as much as that last juicy Holy talent.

Having played the Holy/Prot spec and the Holy/Retr spec, I do agree that Holy/Prot is "THE" raiding spec. However, in PvP, it's very debatable. In the smaller BG's, sticking to a group and being the only healer proves Holy/Prot to be the strongest spec; stand back at a distance and heal your buddies as the enemy tries to DPS them. Where Holy/Prot fails is in very small groups (solo or one or two with you) and very large groups (think AV). Why? Well, let's say the one or two with you die off and it's 1v1. Sure in AB Pallys shine in 1v1 defend-the-flag scenarios, but in any other BG situation you're left trying to DPS them down or healing yourself until more on your side come to you (if they do at all). I'm not saying a well-played Healadin wouldn't be able to take them down, I'm just saying it's not easy.

Now let's talk about large groups in BGs. Like everyone else, I find myself grinding Honor in AV. I usually rush to Galv to heal and then rush in to heal for the Drek pulls/Drek. For most of the pulls I feel useful, since usually multiple healers are needed and I just find the tank who's getting the least attention, but for Galv/Drek I am usually barely getting any healing done as the MT has so many HoT's on them. I spam Flash of Light repeatedly but even if they go under 100% mid-cast (and it's only a 1.5s cast) by the time it lands they're back to 100% again. Sure, sometimes I'm one of very few healers and am very useful against Galv/Drek, but even then my healing powers are rarely stretched.

What I like about the Shockadin spec is your ability to find groups. See a group of 4 in LFM that doesn't have a healer? Switch gear and you're good to go. See a group of 4 in LFM that already has a healer? Tell 'em you'll DPS and back-up heal and you'll see a group invite in seconds. To repeat for the umpteenth time this is not a raid spec but can do everything else in the game well.

Right now I'm in a growing guild not yet at the raiding stage. Of the six 70's we have, three of them are Holy Pally's. Seriously. And yes, I'm one of them. My quandry is that I am the most active of the three Holy Pally's as far as the guild, but since it is such a small guild we often aren't instancing and I find myself in BG's and arena most often. Let me tell you, in 2v2 especially, the Holy/Prot build is horrible. I get CC'd and use my Insignia, CC'd again and use my bubble, CC'd again and within seconds my buddy is dead and I'm next. Without any burst DPS to help my buddy, we're usually done before I can land my first heal. Sure, if I can pull a full-heal or two off we usually have a shot, but that's a big "if."

Long story short... I'm respeccing to Shockadin. If 90% of what I do is PvP, that's my spec right there. If my guild grows and starts doing raids, I'll gladly respec. But until then, this spec is amazing.