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WoW Moviewatch: The Invisible Pink Unicorn {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 9:15AM I must say I felt sorta offended looking at this1. I don't believe anything was "planted" on earth by either "flying crystals" or the so-called "God".
All religions comes from Paganism anyways which was a peaceful religion compared to christian barbarians who did all they could to remove Paganism from the face of the earth and still today do unforgiving sins saying it's for the good of the bible (which is fictional in itself) or any of the fairytales of what happened in the past.
The ones laughing loudest or making the most fun of religions are in most cases members of another religion.
Yes's good to believe in something, but why vaporize ppl for believing in something else than you? Why make fun of other ppl for believing in something as unexplainable as what you believe in? I'm not sure what Oxhorn is trying to say here...on what part is right...but killing some1 who's not in the same belief has been happening ever since religions came and it seems that's what happening in this video aswell.
If we'll see more propaganda and making fun of other ppls belief in Oxhorns future machinima, I won't be looking at his videos anymore. I have my own belief which has nothing to do with whatever some person thousands of years ago wrote down in a book of boredom. If you're interested in religions or are a member of a certain about other religions aswell, read about Paganism too...which the Bible is 99% copy/paste of. I'm not telling any1 to loose their belief cause believing is good, but be open for other ppls belief and...
Do not make fun of them.


Bringing magic and steel back to Warcraft {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 3:30PM I the only one who quite enjoyed Outlands? Azeroth might not be the first place to be populated in the universe? I don't really see any "startrek"-like objects in outlands. I don't see ppl fly around in spaceships nor any hi-tech machinery other than what the engineers make.
If WoW was meant to be "medieval" we wouldn't have goblins or gnomes now, would we?
I bet if the draenei race was already a playable race when WoW was first released, no1 would complain about it not fitting in.
When it comes to items that some calls "hi-tech" in WoW, many of these already existed in the old WoW. I think it's nice to see some new scenery and items that glow.
The most futuristic place in Outlands is Netherstorm and Mana Tombs and yes I do agree that the ethereals looks abit space'ish, but as I wrote earlier, Azeroth might not be where the beginning of life found it's place.

I enjoyed Outland very much and think we got some nicely new written lore along with it...but ofc some ppl enjoys only what's within their 4 walls, what's beyond that is of no interest.

Alliance to get Seal of Blood in 2.4? {WoW}

Feb 19th 2008 2:15PM ROFL? "Not too thrilled". R u hordes used to getting everything on a silver plate and not interested in sharing?

I don't play a pally...well...I am lvl'ing one, eventually...but, if this only affects pve I don't see the big deal about both ally and horde getting it. If it would also affect pvp as much, well...about time! Ally having to even out stats while hordes just stacking up str and ap?
Well...use your brains (that squishy thing inside your heads), horde...and see what is most fair. Sharing or going "mine mine mine".

The hunter's axe which is like a wand {WoW}

Nov 30th 2007 8:25AM So...if weapons should be cheaper because seldom use in melee...what about blades, maces, staffs and swords for casters and healers? Sry...I'm not agreeing with giving certain classes even more advantage compared to others.
How can u compare a 2h Axe with a wand? Compare it with a staff instead.

The enemy within the Alliance {WoW}

Nov 28th 2007 6:41AM L O L ??? What planet are you from David Bowers? Whiners? I'm pretty sure the real whiners are the horde tbh. You made Blizzard change AV in the first place. L2P pugs is all I can say. Premade WSGs and ABs will win against most pugs. AV is not possible to premake, so this is the reason you all loose. You just can't pug anything. All bg's should be only pug'able.

Anyways...calling Alliance whiners? Hordes has whined so much that Bliz had to change AV...and not only once!
So go whine somewhere where no one can hear you pleace and suck your lollipop.

Dude Wheres My Shaman {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 6:58PM How come it's ok for any other class to QQ, but not shammys? At first, they're not actually OP in pvp and when it comes to pve, they have close to no aggro medigation. Reset aggro? lol...forget it. Most dps classes have aggro reset abilities. All shammy's can do is to stop dps'ing and wait for their aggro to go down.
Sure...there's trinkets cloaks, enchantments etc, but what does that do to a shammy? It removes dps.
Bringing a shammy dps to an instance in most cases would only mean lower dps or lotsa ressurections.
I agree with the guys. If not any boosts, let them atleast get some abilities to lower their aggro so that they can go full out. In pvp, give them some cc abilities. In the arena atleast let them be able to use their elementals.
I read locks were QQ'ing about their pets being much dmg does it take to get rid of a totem?
Guys...all of you are QQ'ing about your own class why not let shammy's QQ over something aswell? Atleast, they have something to QQ over.

PTR Patch notes for Sunday, Nov. 4 {WoW}

Nov 5th 2007 8:44AM My guess is that we'll see this patch next week.

@2: January? R u kidding me?

I'd believe 2.4 might be comming around new year.

Forum Post of the Day: Scaling warlock pets {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 11:13PM OMG! Reading locks QQ over something is really not everyday reading. Aye, locks are overpowered. Hunters too. Maybe it's time Bliz removed the use of pets in bgs and arenas and only made it possible to use'em in pve? That would even out some differences. Somehow shammys ain't allowed to use their elemental totems in arenas. Could be 1 idea of solving this QQ problem.