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PTR Notes: Shadowstep slightly buffed, repair bot cheapened {WoW}

Nov 1st 2007 6:58AM Personally i like Sub rogues over the other specs, but i guess its all in how you like to play. My raiding char is a pom/pyro mage, and ppl actually like to take me. Most ppl make fun of pom/pyro mages and i hear "LOL 3-minute man" at least 3 times a day, but in the end i put out huge damage just because i kno how to play my class and i have a move that is by far the heaviest hitting combo in the known game(to my knowledge).

Im happy for engineers getting looked at now, but being a tailor i think its kinda rediculous our only money making thing is bags and caster spellthread. now-a-days casters only roll tailoring if they need a non-raiding way to get decent gear(hello spellfire set). i agree with all the top posts, the injectors is awesome. also make all the trinkets just items and improve the jumper cables, and i think more engineers will pop up. its stupid to remove your good trinket, sit there for 30 seconds, use the eng trinket, then replace it with your good trinket all over again.