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Ghostcrawler returns to the conversation, talks about hit and expertise on tanking gear {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2011 4:54PM @Alf: Can you please elaborate? Why do you not think it's a good idea? Yelling in caps that it's not a good idea isn't necessarily the most constructive way to say you disagree lol.

@adamjgp: I have a tank that's in all iLevel 346 gear with a couple of iLevel 359 epics and my strategy has been to cap Hit and Expertise simply because it's a hard cap that I know I can reach. Yeah yeah, I know, days of capping something for tanks went away with Wrath, forgive me if old habits die hard. However, my OCD has been satisfied with this approach and so far, I've polled every healer I've run with (heroics, no raiding on my tank yet) to see if they think I'm squishy in general and so far all of them have been quite happy with healing me. So, just wanted to let you know that I think your concerns are unwarranted as far as running heroics are concerned. My overall strategy has been:
1) Stack hit and expertise to caps (I'm over 26 expertise at the moment because I find threat gen an issue against raid geared DPS and as a pally, it's an excellent threat stat).
2) Stack as much mastery as possible.
3) Balance Dodge/Parry so neither suffers more than the other with diminishing returns.
Gemming: All my gem-sockets have stamina in them while picking up socket bonuses (so red sockets have Sta/Exp, yellow have Sta/Mastery, and blue sockets are pure Sta).

Maybe it's not the best tank gearing/gemming strategy out there, but it's straight-forward enough for me to grok pretty well and I've found that my original concerns with this strategy yielding a particularly squishy tank were completely unfounded.

Hope this info helps!

Addon Spotlight: Never miss reputation with Auto Tabard {WoW}

Mar 17th 2011 6:27PM Hey Mat,

Much like today's AddOn spotlight of AutoTabard to help us all keep from wasting possible reputation gains, was wondering if there's an addon that could help us keep from wasting possible currency gains? It would be awesome to get a pop-up, on screen display, something when I'm a couple hundred points shy of the hard cap of Justice and Valor Points so that I can remember to go to those vendors and spend some points to make room for more! Or maybe a pop-up reminding me that hey, I've got 8/10 chef's awards, maybe I should get a new recipe or some meat before doing the daily! Power Auras was my first thought but it's not set up to watch currencies unfortunately.

Any ways, keep up the great work, love the column!

Spiritual Guidance: Understanding the recent priest changes {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2011 4:43PM I thought the hubbub surrounding lack of a CD for druids and shaman was the lack of any sort of defensive CD (targeted, Barkskin doesn't count =P), not necessarily a defensive raid CD. Something akin to Guardian Spirit and Pain Suppression, not something like PW:B. If they come up with something that is a single-target CD to help the tank with incoming damage, then I don't see them stepping on Disc priest toes, PW:B would still remain a unique mechanic.

However, I'm probably wrong, considering this is coming from Dawn's mouth lol. I was just a little confused as this was the first I'd heard of the idea of a full fledged raid-wide damage mitigation CD for Shaman or Druids.

Phat Loot Phriday: Cerith Spire Staff {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 5:55PM They actually have, except on weapons (explicitly). The reasoning (if I'm remembering correctly) is to give casters the same sort of immediate and recognizeable DPS boost that melee get from a new weapon. It's the equivalent of weapon damage numbers, but for casters.

The Queue: More on crowd control {WoW}

Dec 15th 2010 5:03PM I'm a raid leader and our guild is JUST getting to raid viable status (10 man only). Going to give it a shot Tuesday of next week. However, I haven't been able to find much info out there on the available raids and I would like to analyze them to figure out which would be the best starter raid to ease us back into raiding with the new, tougher mechanics. Any suggestions for the easiest raids (compared to the others) for us to cut our teeth on Tuesday?

WoW Insider's Cataclysm Launch Giveaway: GeForce GTX 580 graphics card {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 2:34PM Would love a new video card! =D

The Queue: Launch day {WoW}

Oct 4th 2010 4:58PM "If I'm going to eat breakfast, I'm all about the sweet"

In that case, you should try waffles with ice cream for breakfast. It's pure amazing.

Choose My Adventure: Welcome Lisiel {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 4:31PM How about if Patent pub crawl through ALL capital cities, drinking something in each main Inn in every capital city regardless of faction affiliation while others try and help her stay alive long enough to drink it =D!

The magical alchemy of mouseovers plus a Razer Naga {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 7:19PM I used this method for many years when I wasn't raiding. This works just fine for 5 mans but it's just not tenable once you start having 10 or more people to target and heal. Not to mention you no longer have keybinds to directly target half or more of your group members anymore.

One major advantage of mouseover macros, click-casting mods, etc. is that you can target one thing, focus another, and still be able to heal. So I tend to focus my tank, target the boss, and I can keep an eye on the flow of the fight, the boss' casting/health, etc. all while doing my job. I would highly recommend you give Healbot or Grid+Clique a shot, the results could bring your play to that next proverbial level (got to give it some time of course, not going to happen the moment you try them out ;).

The magical alchemy of mouseovers plus a Razer Naga {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 2:47PM I have to say this did read very much like an advertisement for the Naga, it simply ignores the one poignant fact that makes click-casting viable, versatile, and flexible. In fact, ignore is too light a word, the article brushes this fact off like it means nothing when in fact, it means everything: "Without keyboard mods, a Healbot healer is restricted to no more than five heals that are ready at a moment's notice." What a misleading statement! That's almost like saying "Without his instruments, your doctor is restricted to giving you two aspirin and telling you to call him in the morning!" Any click-casting healer worth their salt uses keyboard mods and does a fantastic job with such! I've been healing for years and only recently switched to click casting (when I was finally able to start raiding on a regular basis) and the first thing I did was start assigning heals with keyboard modifiers. I don't even use all 5 buttons on my mouse as I find it completely unnecessary and overkill. I play a Disc|Holy Priest, Resto Druid, and Holy Paladin and this fact remains constant across all their setups, 3 keyboard mods * 4 mouse buttons yields 16 slots which is more than I have used on any of those characters for their targeted spells (e.g. - Circle of Healing is bound for click casting but Divine Hymn is keyboard bound).

This is getting a bit long, sorry about that. The point I'm trying to make is that this article forcefully brushes aside *THE* main feature of click casting mods that makes them almost as flexible as the Naga without the ridiculous price tag. Because of this, it sounds an awful lot like a payed advertisement masquerading as an article and IMO dings the salient credibility of this blog.