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Breakfast Topic: Stupid mistakes {WoW}

May 24th 2008 9:16AM Were you born a dumbass or did that come later? Maybe your biggest WoW doh! moment was clicking install. My main is a hunter, and he's end game. Only reasons hunters don't get rcruited are that there are loads on your faction to make a spot not available or you just plain suck, i think i know which category you fall into........

Scattered Shots: Hunter problems and predictions {WoW}

May 16th 2008 2:37PM Even as i was writing my post before, now more of this nonesense, you do realise there is a game outside the arena? So we suck at arena cos no-one really attends, its cos of statements like you just made that hunters don't arena. Please stop this, its getting silly. WE ARE FINE, WE ARE NOT BROKEN!

And before any of you start to flame me for flaming all these "oh my, i can' do anything on my hunter so the class must be broken cos it aint me" posts, well, all i have to say is i've rolled every class there is and none of them even compare.

STereo = one stat does not a problem make, 245625626 dumbasses does.

Scattered Shots: Hunter problems and predictions {WoW}

May 16th 2008 2:30PM oh my sweet christ. did you say spirit/mp5? oh my gosh, just seriously no. with only 6k mana and AotV you don't need that crap.
A legendary bow is the only way to increase hunters endgame dps? Thats some legendary ass hattery there i say.

SPELL HIT!!??!??!???!!1111?!?!?!one!!?!?! never mind, we all make mistakes, and if you/your hunters are taking gear with spell hit i'm not surprised your not topping DPS charts.

Really, the only problem our class really has is the abundance of stupidity it attracts and that's not really blizz's fault or anything they can fix without suspending accoutns really is it?

Scattered Shots: Hunter problems and predictions {WoW}

May 16th 2008 6:06AM I will just add that's not aimed at the article, that itself was well written adn your idea on replacing the mana pool thing for an agi based focus system has cropped up in convo's i've had with my hunter mates.

Keep up the good work guys!

Scattered Shots: Hunter problems and predictions {WoW}

May 16th 2008 6:00AM I swear down this is the kinda crap people look down on us for.

"Also weak sustained damage have no place in raids, this causes us to get rogue gear at expense of possible mana problems."

Seriously dude? seriously? do you understand that statement you made? My guild is awesome, and the core group is geared to the hilt, our rogues put out some oustanding DPS and our mages are just rediculous, one in particular is just obscene.

But our hunters? well..... We are the best DPS our guild has, we top the tables, heave almsot perfect efficieny due to things like AotV and can keep the damage rolling when others have burn't out. Even as surv spec, me and a fellow hunter out DPS most other people.

As for PvP/Arena, Other classes are more naturally suited to it, does that make us broken? no it doesn't, what makes us broken is this dumbass belief that hunters just plain suck at arena. That brings you down and the very moment you start to believe it, your boned.

I roll through BG's in my PvE gear ffs, i only have the glad chest, and thats only to help max my agi before i get the drops i need, and i never have problems, i can go through druids/warriors/pala's in almost full S3 gear and not have to much problem. It's all about tactics.

Now for all of you out there that have problems with the latest hunter changes, and the growl issues, and PvP and all that, just know this. Put your pet away. Do your dailies. Stay at range. Then go and jump into your BG of choice and notice how your skill increased. I did this, and since 2.3 my pets don't even know growl. My cat is used for the job it was destined for, almost-aggro free dps.

Please stop the QQ and realise what we can do with our class.

Breakfast Topic: Can gear be too ugly? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2008 10:30AM I think you're all missing the single most ugly-ass peice of gear blizz ever made, without exception. Now i know we all want our char's to look cool, and wether thats in a mismatched way or not i think anyone thats ever leveled a clothie will cry out in unison at WHITEMAINES CHAPEAU.

Now that is some seriously crappy gear right there, we wantt o look decent not like low rent versions of ming-the-bleeding-mericiless.

One versus them all {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2007 1:18PM Daavos, We all know that warriors are all far too damaged by being hit round the head too much to make a valid point so i'll almost let you off with that comment but as point of obviousness, warlocks and hunters do solo. You have no pet so do all your damage your self.

Hunters and warlocks have pets for different reasons, and whilst the lock may not rely on his minion for damage, about a third of a hunters damage is released by the pet, hunter minus pet equals 2/3 of a hunters damage.

And just to rub your smug plate wearing face in it, i can solo up to BRD without the pet and only need it for the bosses in scholo and strat.

Now step out from behind your shield and solo it all clever man.