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Common updating problems and tips for fixing them {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 1:43PM I started up the blizzard downloader yesterday and got a 3.1.0 patch (around 700 mb, IIRC). Is this sufficent or do I need to download anything else?

Spiritual Guidance: Shadow as a secondary spec in 3.1 {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 4:21PM Way to be wrong. Dual specs are definately in. You might be thinking that the equipment manager is not going in?

Shure introduces $99 SE102MPA stereo headset {Engadget}

Sep 2nd 2008 3:19PM I don't buy the complaints of the cheap wiring. Albeit that I own two of the upper tier models (E4s and SE530s), but the only time I've had a problem is when I spilt water on my SE530s. And Shure replaced them for free even though it was out of scope of the warranty, and shipped them next day air.

I've had nothing but success with Shure in their professional products (microphones, wireless transmitters, etc) and in their "audiophile" products.

Screen Grabs: giant Linksys WiFi router is The Internet {Engadget}

Apr 18th 2008 3:16AM My downstairs neighbor used to have an unsecure WRT54G. He was also quite loud and obnoxious.

I decided to load DD-WRT on his router and insert a DNS rule that had the effect of * goes to tubgirl.

Hilarious. I saw his router go on and off over the next few days as I'm sure he thought that power cycling would change it. He then bought a netgear router (noted from the change in names), but this time he secured it.


Vigor's Colossus gets you close to Skulltrail, bankruptcy {Engadget}

Feb 20th 2008 9:04AM The new 8800GTS at 512 MB is faster than an 8800GTX. It uses the Nvidia G92 processor which is based on a 65nm process and runs cooler than an 8800GTX. Because of this clock speeds are higher and efficiency is much better. The 8800GTX (and it's overclocked brother the Ultra) is dated, not the 8800GTS.

I will agree that Nvidia could have done better to differentiate the old GTS's and the new GTS's however.

Ask Engadget: What's the best home theater display out there? {Engadget}

Oct 18th 2007 9:07PM Actually, many highly regarded speakers use paper drivers. I personally have ScanSpeak 15W drivers in my speakers which are quite nice. There are also many nice metal cones, however they usually have worse breakup nodes between 2-8khz which is pretty noticeable unless well controlled.

All of the major speaker houses use paper drivers, albeit not the incredibly terrible cheap Bose kind.

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! {Engadget}

Jul 1st 2007 6:42AM ....and then I said "Hey mah, no hands"...but I was sorely mistaken.

Marantz returns with OPSODIS ES7001 home theater system {Engadget}

May 23rd 2007 8:30AM Yes, like uncompressed sound matters when you are taking it and throwing it into a very complicated DSP, which literally mixes all of the sound together and delays other sounds to try to simulate surround sound.

It'd be much better to just go and buy yourself a real system than to worry about how compressed the sound coming out of this is.

Pentium 4 overclocked to 8GHz: let's see your fancy Core 2 try that {Engadget}

Jan 24th 2007 9:07AM About gigahertz: It's 8000 MHz.

The confusion comes because there are 8 bit in a byte so storage gets off sometimes (1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, etc).