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Nov 5th 2007 7:09AM i'm rerolling a lock
keping my mage only for 5man trash/grinding
at lest i know i'll get best buffs in future expansions

at 1st we were glass cananons and i rly enjoed ganking almost every class in the game (xcept lox ofc) but as time passed and all other clases got imba TBC abb/spells we get freeking invis, arcane blast and too expensive spellsteal from which u can't even steal last spell casted (a lotery)

i had all the patience in the world but there's none left either a lock or i'm quiting the game
quitting i think will most certanly be since i got no intentions of lvling/gearing yet another char
maybe there's some other game that at least balance mage class with other ones