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Shaman forums shocked by interrupt changes {WoW}

Nov 5th 2007 1:46PM ok i have a lvl 70 lock and a 53 shammy lock even though they got nerfed i dont even fell the change so what fear got a daminished return big deal we have death coil and howl of terror so its not a big deal for me as for shammy they always nerf them for no good reason i fight a estimated 5-7 mobs and all my mana is gone the only thing that did give us an edge was the earth shock it would inturrup fear or pallys heals our grouding totem that supposidly stop fears works like shit we still run away for like 1-2 sec in that time i feard so many shammys on my lock that grounding totem didnt help for shit only earth shock had an effect but it has a 6sec cool down so whats the point in nerfing it its not like it would make u completely stop castin for more them 3sec in that time i could get feard polymorped anything cause thier cast time for that move is so short shammys gettin nerfed is bull i cant even take out a rouge as a shammy as soon as one saps me i dont even try 2 fight back our earthbind totem use 2 make rouges unstealth but they nerfed that to shammys need alot of fixing our mana is crap cc is crap low survivaility in PvP almost evey class owns us totems die 2 easily so why do we need a nerf if we cant even kill a warlock, mage, rouge, hunter, druid easily we lose facing those classes 80% of the time if we do win we have 2 dish out everything we have which leaves us with little mana and defencless if any of those classes trys 2 kill us agian for wars it depends i dont have trouble killin them wit shammy cause i can heal and my windfury owns in closecombat
so i say blizz really needs to get thier act 2gether and listen 2 the people my opinion is scince shammy is the least played class they really dont care what we have 2 say cause they know its the least play class they would still get millions or even billions of money from people playing other classes so why should blizz even care what ensentive do they have for fixing our class??