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Rumor: Sam Raimi's next project is the Warcraft movie {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 3:40AM Excellent, a cartoon turned into live action movie is always my favourite format :P

As for the Avatar references I cannot see a link other then its an alien world, for most of Azeroth though its a more Earth like world for starters so even that looks tenuous. So the question is, will he ham it up like Evil Dead 3, or well his hits are Spiderman and Darkman in terms of the big blockbuster films.

For a fantasy film I think the genre really is lacking in truly great films, the original Conan the Barbarian had its good spots, Lord of the Rings probably is the most polished now (although the battle scenes were awful in that they wasted so much opportunity for depth instead of just charge and counter charge).

With Sam in charge I'm expecting the worst though, he's not shown himself to be into that sort of genre yet.

Spider-Man 4 canceled; Warcraft movie soon? {WoW}

Jan 12th 2010 5:53AM I found Spider man 1 to be a bit painful being moralistic but without any real soul to the film, number 2 was just awful so I wasn't going to even go near Spiderman 3.

I'm guessing the next Spiderman will be dark and forboding or something like that, I guess anything is preferable to the cookie cutter production line summer block buster model.

As for a World of Warcraft movie I'm just not sure, Sam Raimi has been responsible for some utter tosh before (Evil Dead 3, even without the £5 special effects the plot jumps around badly and the humour is below Scary movie levels, I loved the Evil dead 2 though). My guess is that they'll create a Warcraft movie with lots of pop culture references and not treat the fantasy world seriously, as that matches the game world approach.

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 9:36AM While I don't like the changes GC and others have made to WoW I actually do think he's doing his job okayish, if he does seem to be despite what he is saying taking a lot of it personally and allowing himself to get personally drawn in, never a good thing.

As for the forum community in WoW, overall I'd describe it as similar to EQ2, whereas WoW has more give-us-buff types then EQ2, EQ2 seems to have more moaner/emo types on there. An excellent example there is the uproar in EQ2 about implementing item degradation, whereas it went in with WoW without anyone complaining.

So WoW's forums aren't all that bad, in both cases though if the dev's are doing their job they should be listening to the players and giving them what they want - not listening to them and giving them what they ask for.

Breakfast Topic: Are you using the Looking For Group channel? {WoW}

Dec 10th 2009 9:45AM While the new dungeon finder system has its problems they're not the deserter debuff, that just stops terrible players from hoping from group to group until they find an easy-mode dungeon group (heroics are easy enough I'd say).

In some ways its done the game a favour, take for example my tank, I stopped playing mid way through Uldar on him so he "only" has 29k health, in the first group (Old Kingdoms) I got the "OMG! 29K!" from someone, fortunately the healer was made of sterner stuff and reckoned he could handle it. Miraculously we actually completed the dungeon very smoothly despite me not having a full set of T9, I put it just down to blind luck myself :D

So a positive point is this system forces people to actually experience things a bit harder now and then.

The biggest downside I believe though is long term, it does not add socially to the game since you meet people you cannot play further with. We shall see here though.

Breakfast Topic: When will you quit playing WoW? {WoW}

Nov 28th 2009 6:31AM I just cannot believe someone would quit EQ2 for WoW, its like a pro formulae 1 driver dropping it to go professional go carting. The other way around I can understand, but apart from social reasons there isn't anything in WoW I can find better right now.

TBC was good and well polished and the flying mounts were a good gimmick that was used pretty well for the gameplay, but the vehicles in Wrath really are just un-fun and a bad gimmick.

For the future if the new gimmick is being able to fly in areas that were previously only for ground mounts then I think the expansion is going to get stale really fast.

I say it needs a gimmick as story telling at the EQ2 level did happen at times in TBC with some quests/storylines that did actually move me to care about the game, but I seem to have flown right over it if it existed in WotLK, everything is as cartoony now as the graphics which is a shame.

All the World's a Stage: Player housing, interactivity, and other possible features {WoW}

Nov 16th 2009 8:57AM Lotro seems to have a lot similar to EQ2

Player housing/Guild halls
Titles earn't by status (E.g. Sir/Baroness etc) or achievement (e.g. slay thousands of Brownies - become "Slayer of Brownies").
Appearance armour
Player written books

No dyes though, maybe fortunate too if you imagine how much damage players can do with one pot of pink paint :) Although the restricted colour dyeing in WAR did seem ok.

A few not seen, characters in EQ2 turn their head and look towards whoever they are targeting, including the eyes which all animate smoothly and Facial expressions include moods. A Froglok when he shouts will open his mouth where you can see details inside the model.

WAR was nice with the twisting from the waist, but none of the characters looked deep, they never open their mouths and you cannot see details like tongue, teeth etc which did make it feel more like a 2D image on a 3D model.

A WoW player's guide to microtransactions {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 12:07PM Here's where the story leads, a true story of some sad people in China and the ultimate RMT/Microtransaction destination

Can't believe that people can sit down and devote time to something like that and not see it coming

Breakfast Topic: Will you buy the new in-game pets? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 9:40AM Totally agree here.

I'm depressed by just how many people will shell out cash already for "services" which should be part of the game but instead are pay extra features.

But this change crosses the line because now the game world of WoW is getting defined by how much money people are prepared to spend, rather then time or skill put into the game.

It is a slippery slope because as this model moves in then the driving force of how to design the game starts to cater to it, you can bet that in future the coolest pets will be there on the Blizz store while the boring ones are available in game, next mounts. Then maybe they'll invent some sort of EQ2 style appearance armour, then XP potions, exclusive content and finally power itself.

Other games have this added in although you can excuse it maybe when they are competing with the 1 billion dollar a year WoW, Blizzard have no excuses, especially since outside of raiding most of the game is easy mode social content so appearance there is the only thing that counts.

China's GAPP halts WoW review, calls collecting subscriptions "illegal behavior" {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2009 4:54AM Looks like they haven't gotten the grasp of free trade, it always makes me laugh when I read the dreamers at LewRockWell going on about how wonderful China is for freetrade when its a system run by a big government that confiscates all foreign currency and exchanges it for internal only Yaun.

Still most people are supporting this system so they'll do ok.

Patch 3.3: Just run as many heroics as you want {WoW}

Oct 30th 2009 4:38AM You beat me too it, that line really must be a joke right?