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Wrath Dailies: Planning for the Future {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 2:34PM I really do love the WalrusMen, and I liked this quest when I first read it, I was like "aww thats nice of him". Then I started thinking about it... and got really uncomfortable... we are gathering a bunch of small wolves with VERY soft and supple fur, and handing them into a Man titled as a Trapper?

This bother anyone else?

Tuesday Morning Post: I am thankful for my cute little bear {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 11:57AM Shame on you Scottyy! You should know better than to skip school on a Tuesday! I did that a couple times without thinking and learned my lesson, save your skip days for Mondays or fridays! hehe.

I tried to logon this morning before work, without thinking. Damn sad way to start the day.

Breakfast Topic: What is your favorite part of Wrath? {WoW}

Nov 18th 2008 8:25AM My Main is 1 bubble from 71!!!! woot. oh...

Heh, I am studying for a cert so am not letting myself play much, but I have to say I love alot of things about Wrath. I thought the starting intro for the Deathknight was amazing. They really worked in the feeling that you were doing stuff you didn't like. I had a hard time finishing off those lvl 30s villagers when they were begging for their lives.

Also, I love alot of little things, all of the new character and mob models. I love the new building models for all the old faithfulls like the Keep and Inn ect... I love the ability to ride a flaming harpoon, and go hawking. I love the music played in Howling Fjord, and how Norse it feels. I love the tuskar in their audio/visible dichotomy.

Heh, and I haven't even finished one zone! I can't wait to get in further!

wait up!!! /whines at the lvl 80s