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WoW China Distributor CFO Resigns {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2008 3:52PM I posted a similar reply in another article by Mike several days ago.

Since TBC came out in last Sep in China, the 9 is doing quite well - but only in WOW, not all their other games.

Their couple games joint ventured with Korean companies were close to disaster, their EA soccer game was not a hit, and GW and the coming Hellgate London are both related to Blizzard style (pre blizzard employees related games), which will fail miserably in China also.

Currently, WOW is about 80% or higher for the total revenue of the 9. And thats not a very good sign if a company keeps trying new things but keep failing.

Their stock price was not free falling just recently, check NTCY again, and you will easily find that around early Sep last year, their stock price was around 40/share, and now?

Its under 19/share.

"The9 is China's biggest online gaming operator" - this is a false statement. The 9 is never a premier online gaming company until they got WOW.

Shanda (SNDA) is, which is the company that got Diablo 2's operation several years ago.

Analyst: The9 did very well last quarter {WoW}

Jan 16th 2008 2:24PM This is an interesting topic.

Actually the 9 Ltd is a listing company in Nasdaq, under NCTY.

If you check the price of their stock, you will find out that :

Last year around Aug/Sep, their stock price was about 35-40, and even with the TBC was out and they are doing very well in the last quater of 2007 (as expected), their current stock price was down to about 20-21 per share, which is having a huge loss.

You may think that something is not right here, and indeed, if you look at the other income source of the 9, you will not be surprised that they are not doing very well other than Wow, their other imported game such as the soccer game from EA and couple joint venture stuff with the Korean companies are a total mess.

Heard that they secured the WOTL expansion already with Blizzard, that could be a good news for them, otherwise, they will be in more deep trouble than they were now.

First Ashes of Al'ar drop bought for 190k gold in China {WoW}

Dec 31st 2007 3:42PM @10,

I knew some of these Chinese sites pretty well thats why I post a follow up immediately to avoid any further "possible damages".

If this site had an edit function, of course I will use it.

Sorry thats the best I can do.

First Ashes of Al'ar drop bought for 190k gold in China {WoW}

Dec 31st 2007 3:22PM btw, sorry I posted above link to that site regarding the pic, thats not a very trust worth site, so I will not suggest you open that link without porper anti virus protection.

First Ashes of Al'ar drop bought for 190k gold in China {WoW}

Dec 31st 2007 3:19PM little correction on my side,

19K of gold is actually worth about 7000RMB (about 960USD).

This is the pic about it.
[EDIT: link deleted, see next comment]

First Ashes of Al'ar drop bought for 190k gold in China {WoW}

Dec 31st 2007 3:04PM Mike,

some of your info is incorrect.

1. The pheonix mount is NOT the first dropped in all China server, its only the first in that server : Molten Core. There are quite a few of this mounts dropped weeks ago.

2. The girl who bought this mount with 190K of gold is NOT getting into the raid by a purchasing spot, in fact, she is a regular raid member of that guild. The reason that they use this kind of "auction" way to distribute the mount is due to its rareness and it probably is a better way for the whole guild as a whole (and for most of all other loots, this guild use a DKP system), this kind of practice is not uncommon in China.

3. On paper, 190K of gold seems a lots, however, if you play a lots (in terms of time spent) and know at least a few thing about the Wow economy, 190K is not that difficult to get in the TBC, I would say that its roughly about the same as 30K pre TBC, which is possible for some people to get that amount before the TBC. Nonetheless, if people can purchase gold in US servers, they can also do the same in Chinese servers, and in fact, the price of gold is much cheaper there, so if someone told me that girl actually spent about 5000 RMB (about 700USD) on the gold to get this mount? I will believe it also.

Legal files reveal IGE and Affinity connection once and for all {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 3:37PM From cyamarin :

"I don't quite see how you got from point A ("Brock bought a gold selling site from Yantis") to point B ("Yantis works for Brock"). Yantis and Pierce are both RMT entrepreneurs--they know eachother, they might even be friendly, I don't know. But Yantis doesn't work for Brock, and Brock doesn't work for Yantis."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

From Wisely :

Mr. Yantis will be joining IGE U.S. as Chief Operating Officer and a member of the company’s Board of Managers. The other members of the Board include Mr. Pierce, Mr. Maslow and Alan Debonneville, President of the IGE subsidiary in Hong Kong.

“This is a marriage of the two pioneers in this industry,” said Jonathan Yantis. “I’m excited to be joining IGE and look forward to our future successes together.”


It can not be more clear than that.

FYI, Yantis is NOT the only guy whose website (gold selling website, so called enterprise) got purchased by Brock Pierce and became a employee of IGE.

Another example is : Xu Yun Bo, an American Chinese guy, whose jobless after finishing his college study in US, also "built" a gold selling website called :, later was purchased by Brock Pierce, and Xu was transferred back to Shanghai, China and became the person in charge of IGE China.

Alan Debonneville, another name mentioned above, whose President of the IGE subsidiary in Hong Kong, was actually considered the co-founder of IGE and a close partner with Brock Pierce.

BTW, if you want more info regarding the relationship about IGE.CN and other "gold selling enterprises sites" and possibly related to ZAM, I will be glad to help you out, I am just afraid you may lose your job.

What I want to say is this, "the dumping of IGE" earlier this year is indeed a "wise business decision" for the whole group of Affinity Media, actually, this is not the only strategy used to "clean out the image" but just a small part of the whole plan, others involved also was the " co-operation of IGE.CN with - another famous Chinese gold selling website", which many people viewed that as IGE taking a back step in that market but actually was just part of the plan to go a little bit of low profile, as not only just for the benefit of IGE, but the whole group itself.

But the key that people want to discuss here is, whether your are clean or not. And as I said above, I will leave that to everyone to be their own judge.

Of course, I am sure most people from your group will tell the world that you have never heard about before, but that doesn't change all these facts.

Legal files reveal IGE and Affinity connection once and for all {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 12:36PM Its just naive to think Affinity Media has nothing to do with IGE anymore while "keeping a tag of this company in their group".

Here are some facts that you can easily dig up just from google and other searching engines :


Affinity Media Announces New CEO - Brock Pierce "stepped down" and now replaced by Steve Bannon, Brock will remain a trusted advisor to and a board member of Affinity Media and will also be pursuing new business endeavors.

Search google and you can easily find out Brock Pierce was the founder of IGE.

according to Affinity and many other sources, the "sales of IGE" that made early this year was to a guy named : Jonathan Yantis.

Do some more google search,

you will know more about : Jonathan Yantis, whose the owner and founder of another EQ2 gold selling site :

which was purcahsed by Brock Pierce around 2004 May.

In other words, Jonathan Yantis works for Brock Pierce.

The sale of IGE from Brock Pierce to Jonathan Yantis means what? You do your own maths and make your own judgement please.

Want to go on with more google search?

What about which is the major site that was owned by Affinity Media, they are planning to open their Chinese site this year and ran a few promotion gigs, well, their contacted email was still

Why they are keeping IGE in Affinity Media you may ask?

If you have some Chinese searching engines, do some search, you will find out that is still one of the biggest player in the gold selling market in Asia, both China and Korea.

Totally abandon this name in these 2 markets at this moment is not really a wise thing to do, hence why the name remains.

However, in US market, the situation is different, hence the so called "changes".

Of course, everyone is entitle to their own opinions,

but for me? do I believe this company has nothing to do with the gold selling business now? or are they really telling the truth and many people may want to know about?

I don't think so.

hell, even their own VP doesn't seem to have any problem for gold selling in this game.

2.3 next week, according to WoW Taiwan {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 4:56PM Some extra info which I posted in the Wow forum :


Their weekly maintainence is on Thursday, for US relams, its every Tuesday.

Never happened before that they will get a new patch content ahead of US realms, although they could possibily see some contents some hours ahead of us, see my above post.

So, assume the news from the link will be indeed correct, it means US realms will get the update on Nov 13.

And due to the CM in this forum mentioned before, S3 NOT 100% guaranteed to be coming out the same time as 2.3, it is very possible that S3 may start somtime during Dec.


And also don't forget one thing,

minor changes can always be done in 2.3.1 (or even 2/3), which can easily be handed out on Nov 20.

vital issues can always be done by hotfix,

which we have seen the same were done for the last 2.2 patch.


so my bet is, yes, we will highly likely see 2.3 on next tuesday.

2.3 next week, according to WoW Taiwan {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 4:54PM the Association of Banks = Guild Bank

interesting sexual function = interesting function

Although I must agree that the above quoted translation is much better than the real one, lol.

Btw, these are the facts you may also want to consider :

a. starting by today, the taiwan WOW will have some kind of firework festival inside the game, this is a special arrangement by Blizz (I think they just copy the similar content that only available for US realms during July 4 specially for wow TW now), this is for the celabration of Wow TW 2 years of running (Nov 17).

b. for the last several patches, wow TW got the updates on the same week and was 2 days after the US updates, and normally, wow China will get the updates 1-2 weeks after the US updates. For events happened (which included in the updates) in the past, like the brewfest or hallow end contents, they were actually seeing them about 10-12 hours ahead of us due to the time zone difference.

If I have to make a guess, I think it is pretty possible that Blizz will make this special arrangement and push the 2.3 updates for next week.