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SOE answers Vanguard free-to-play questions {Massively}

Mar 27th 2012 8:08PM I am excited for the conversion. I think anything they do at this point is a plus. Though there really isn't any substantial information yet.

Vanguard going free-to-play this summer, beefs up dev team {Massively}

Mar 21st 2012 4:17PM WOW! This is the best MMO news I have heard in a long time! I had to check to make sure it wasn't April Fools day first :)

This will be a GREAT boon for the MMO player. I am so glad to hear this!

Browser-based FPS sets world record for simultaneous players {Massively}

Jan 31st 2012 1:38PM @Professer

Ah, I see. Well that stinks.

Browser-based FPS sets world record for simultaneous players {Massively}

Jan 31st 2012 12:54PM Is this a good game? I am looking for a good multiplayer FPS...

City of Heroes rejoices in F2P success even as it mourns Statesman's passing {Massively}

Jan 25th 2012 7:30PM Why don't they ever kill the super villains? Why is it always big news to kill a super hero? So silly, all of it, IMHO.

On another note, I like Coh from time to time, though SWTOR has most of my game time these days. At least until Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning hits and then GW2 after that. Good year for me!

Dark Age of Camelot storms the castle with Patch 1.111 {Massively}

Jan 25th 2012 7:26PM Wow this game is still going? Uh, I don't know how the players live with the old graphics and archaic systems. I have tried to go back before and couldn't hang. Best of luck to them!

SWTOR pushes out ability delay improvements with promises of more to come {Massively}

Jan 24th 2012 5:09PM I'm loving SWTOR. Good fun leveling, even better fun with end game PvP. I'm very glad to see a big effort by Bioware to keep on these hot community issues. I didn't notice ability delay until I was in the big PvP battles and it is very annoying when it happens. I will have to test this out tonight with some Illium PvP on my 50 Sage healer.

Champions Online looks back to look forward in January State of the Game {Massively}

Jan 23rd 2012 8:30PM My biggest problem with CO is its art. I really just dislike all CO's art, in game and out of game.

MIT developing educational MMO funded by Gates Foundation {Massively}

Jan 23rd 2012 11:28AM I was thinking about an idea like this, an educational MMO, just recently. Why not have a complex crafting system that involves real chemistry and math? There is a lot that can be done with an idea like this.

I would play and I'm 30 something...