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March of the loot cards {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 12:18PM I've spent upwards of $400 buying boosters since the card came out, trying my luck at the loot cards. I had a lot of luck early with Heroes of Azeroth and Through the Dark Portal (grabbed both the Tabard of Fire and the Picnic Tent). Then came Fires of Azeroth. I bought 3 sealed booster boxes at about $90 a pop...that's 72 boosters, folks. card.

Either I just had some serious bad luck, or Upper Deck seriously nerfed the number of loot cards in the latest set. I hope with adding 4 cards to each booster in the next set they will also increase the chance for a loot card. They should put at least one loot card in every sealed booster box IMHO. I played Heroclix for several years, and you were guaranteed to get at least 4 silver elite rare figures in every case you bought. I feel cheated!!