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WotLK collector's edition revealed {WoW}

Sep 15th 2008 11:15AM When I look at my CE for TBC I feel as though it was worth the purchase price so, I'm all over this CE. The price justification for me is the book, the pet is just a bonus, but I would have preferred a polar bear mount :D

WoW Insider and WoW TCG Loot give away a Tabard of Flame {WoW}

Aug 26th 2008 11:16AM It's a shame about Sunwell.

Zandalari on Moon Guard hosting a Story Circle tonight {WoW}

Aug 7th 2008 2:56PM Remember that funeral procession on a pvp server in a contested area? Even a funeral wouldn't stop people from being asses, so I'm guessing a publicized RP event is sure to bring out the trolls (oh look, a delicious pun!).

Tank Talk: Building and keeping your tanking corps, Part I {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 9:00PM "Recruitment, Applicant, Raider, Senior Tank, and Mentor"

Um, no. The five stages go like this...

Noob, Noob in Blues, rage starved off tank taking what the MT doesn't want, main tank after the overgeared MT quit, rogue reroll.

Breakfast Topic: Is the game being dumbed down? {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 9:35AM Lightheaded dumbs this game down more than anything.

Figureprints raises their price {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 1:07PM Well, that sucks, I absolutely want one of these, but not if it costs $130 and looks like it was dipped in a sugar bowl.

Figureprints raises their price {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 11:52AM Do they still look like they are dusted with powdered sugar?

When to kick {WoW}

Jun 18th 2008 11:48AM There's almost no situation where booting someone was a bad idea. If it even begins to enter your mind, boot them. It's a video game and you're online to have some fun, not to teach the 90% of the population that is completely awful at this game.

Preparing for 80 {WoW}

Jun 16th 2008 6:14PM > What should I do to maximize my leveling productivity?

Perhaps stopping to smell the roses might be a good idea.

Survey: Forza 3 to require 2 DVDs, 'over 400 cars and 100 tracks' {Joystiq}

Jun 16th 2008 9:29AM I can swap a disk in less than 7 minutes. Only the exceptionally fat should be whining in this thread.

(fanboy disclaimer, I own all 3 current consoles)