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Mage buffs on the horizon {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 9:54PM Im a lock and the ice block change changes everything for me.

I can easly beat any no-ice mage in pvp, but, frost mage can be a real pain and thats mainly because of Iceblock ( Ice block wipe every dot on them) so when they get out of there Icecube my dps on them is 0 so even if the have 500 hp left they still can beat my ass before any dot or spell lands (dot usaly takes 3-4 sec before ticking)

So we will see insane Arcane power/fire mage who will unload there fury then Ice block (get healed) and go back in the melee

And for me those mage will me able to unload with fury, i will cast some dot, he will wipe them and start again, im totally screwed there.

Lock are Overpower in the HIGHEND 2V2 segment i know, but theres the rest,

Lock are easy target for : Rogue, Ms warriors, BM hunter, enhancement shammy will, ret paly two and now mage will get a GREAT head over us

Btw, I know lock dont really need buff or nerf, but i kinda disapointed that locks get no change in this patch, kinda dumb