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You knew this was coming... {WoW}

Oct 12th 2006 1:34PM Its nothing but a name change on the Gladiator sword (PvP rewards weapons), and I believe that is honor tokens or something of that nature. The sword as shown in Southpark was "The Hungering Cold", a tanking/off-hand sword that drops from Kel'thezud.

Battleground sploitz and Blizzard's responsibility {WoW}

Oct 11th 2006 12:14PM Its very annoying. I only PvP to have good games. Rolling pugs for hours on end hoping for a team to play gets boring. Then a team finally pops, then leaves the BG for another. I think the most fun I had was this last sunday when we could only manage to get 5 people for WSG and then rolled three 10 man pre-mades in a row.

Dealing with off-specs (or being one) {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 1:26PM The problem Truth is, that raiding guilds specialize, and a mage specialized for damage (assuming equal gear) will way outdamage a shadow priests specced for damage. If a guild needs caster dps, they bring mages or warlocks specced for it, not shadow priests, at least while learning an encounter. Obviously once stuff is on farm status, people are generally given more leeway to spec otherwise and allowed to play different roles. Not only that, raid gear is easier to collect for your class's general role. IE, its much easier to gear a druid out with healing gear than it is feral gear.

Simply put, specialization is better for raids right now. You are right, you don't force a shadow priest to heal, you just don't take a shadow priest with you when learning a new encounter. If said character won't respec for the good of the guild, then he does not come to the raid. You replace him with a healer. Shadow priests are awesome in pvp, but there are plenty of classes much better at DPS than a shadow priests.

Maybe things will change as raid size falls to 25, but right now, I challenge you to find me a top server raid guild that doesn't not have Naxx on farm status yet, that is progressing well, that brings a lot of non-raid spec classes to its raids. It just doesn't happen very often. Cutting edge raid guilds are the way they are for a reason, and its the guild members willingness to put aside their own selfishness for the sake for the guild.

You can cry and whine about wanting to play how you want to, but for many of us, its about playing with our friends and our accomplishments as a group that are more important to us than being the WTF I PWN the damage meters Paladins or Priests. There is time for that later once we have the instance down.

When you are on the cutting edge of content for your server, people want to be part of you, and if a player is too selfish to help the guild, you are not worried about losing him, you let him go and get someone else to take his place.

Dealing with off-specs (or being one) {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 11:51AM My 2 cents. when you are learning an instance, you want everyone to be a raid spec. Because raid specs make it so much easier to learn. Most high end guilds are raid spec while learning and once they got the new instance down, they go back to their PvP specs.

It is simply easier if your 2 main tanks are prot spec, if your off tanks are fury specced for maximum damage, if your rogues are specced for maximum damage and not PvP, if your druids are specced for healing (you might have one specced feral and one moonkin for the added benefits to other melee or casters and if they have the gear for it, but not usually), if your priests are specced for maximum healing efficiency, if your paladins are specced for maximum healing efficiency and at least one preferrably 3 with kings, if your mages (once past MC/BWL) are combustion specced and not POM specced for maximum DPS, if your hunters are specced for trueshot aura and entrapment, if at least 2 warlocks have improved imp and the others specced for maximum dps.

You might say well a few people doesn;t make much of a difference. The problem is, very few people want to be "raid" spec. If you let anyone who wanted to spec how they likes, 60-70% of the raid would not be optimalluy specced. All these things start to add up fast. Suddenly your DPS suffers, or healers mana starts running out. Once you have an instance on farm, these things rarely happen, as everyone knows what to do. But when you are learning, encounters can go way longer, more healing intensive, or maybe difficult to get DPS on target very well, because people are not always doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Maybe that rogue is taking AoE damage he shouldn;t and now needs heals. Maybe you ahven;t gotten the idea fully on how to control adds and don;t get the time on boss you should be getting for your DPS. Now the fight is taking longer because of miscues and your healers are getting low on mana.

Optimal spec make it easier to deal with these miscues. I guaruntee most top guilds enforce some level raid spec during these times. Doing stuff like having a Paladin DPS Patchwerk does not help the raid progress and that then has to be made up for either a loss in healing or DPS somewhere else. That is probably a paladin that is not optimally specced for healing, so even with all heraling gear on, he won't be as effective as other paladins equally geared.

It simply comes down to, if you want to progress faster, you go raid spec. If you are not as concerned, then you don't, but you will progress slower, because every mistake is amplified by your classes inability to overcome them as well as a raid that is fully raid specced.

Grand Marshal for...9 months? {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2006 12:06PM Most servers have set honor farming teams. Once you reach rank 14, you are expected to de-rank or quit the grind. Many groups still let GMs group with them, to make it easier to win, but the GMs are still expected to de-rank so as to not hurt others climbing the chain. Anyone who didn;t respect this would be kicked from the group and have to pug. I am surprised that either the honor grinding groups allows him to continue with them or that he can maintain his honor pugging.

Breakfast Topic: Burning Crusade Launch...Smooth or Disaster? {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2006 12:49PM Would be a good time to be on a low pop server that is dieing.

Healing is for the women {WoW}

Sep 29th 2006 11:38AM LOL. Most women I know in game play DPS classes. Rogues, Warlocks, Hunters, and Mages. A few play druids and end up healing because druids are expected to. The only woman I have ever met that plays a priest would rather smite for 2K+ than heal. She does heal, but not because that is what she wants to do, but because she is good and understands to progress or win at PvP, its needed.

My own GF just started playing and I couldn't talk her into playing a healing class. She wanted to "blow" stuff up. So she now has a 21 mage.

So my experience is that women like to DPS, imagine that. However, they seem to like diversive dps as opposed to the in your face DPS of a warrior. Still haven't met an actual woman warrior.

The DPS-adin is at it again {WoW}

Sep 29th 2006 11:29AM This is definitely a better video than the last one. And much more realistic. It shows Paladin DPS is better than hunters lol.

It is definitely impressive for a paladin, but it does show the limitations also. You can see that his guild lacks on DPS classes. Where are the warlocks that should be up there in DPS. Where are the fury warriors that should be up there with the rogues? I find it hard to believe that guild that lets Paladins DPS doesn't have any properly geared fury warriors. With a proper class balance, he would have found himself lower than 9th, probably 13th or 14th.

Still though, I'll give him his props. It is impressive. Sadly though, its still not optimal for a raid to have a DPS Paladin and if any of you Paladins see this think you will get into a guild that will let you DPS, don't get your hopes up. This video only proves to me that Paladins should be healing in raids and I am sure it won't change the minds of many raid leaders either.

Breakfast Topic: Realm type {WoW}

Sep 28th 2006 5:05PM I definitely prefer PvP. I originally started playing this game because I was interested in the PvP. Sadly, most of the world PvP is dead on PvP servers and PvP only consists of ganking lowbies for the most part.

I still prefer it though. You can see the difference in Cross-realm BGs between PvE server teams and PvP server teams. I was shocked the first time our honor grinding Cho'gall team faced off with a a PvE server honor grinding team. They had mostly rank 12 and 13s and we rolled them like they were a pug. I haven't seen a good PvE BG team yet that even gets close to capping on us. The only real competition we get is from other PvP server teams and our own server teams.

Possible changes to +crit in the expansion {WoW}

Sep 26th 2006 11:38AM I have aguildmate in the alpha (lucky bastard, he has taken some cool screenshots and movies, and one mob looked like it was straight out of War of the Worlds)and he confirmed the hit/crit rating thing for us w hile ago, and that is accurate pretty much. Resiliency is the anti crit. Defense is not anti-crit, as it only affects melee, not magic, and adds more inthe form of more melee misses, dodges, blocks, and parry. Resiliency is supposed to be the exact opposite of crit rating.

As for crit in the expansion, items he has been showing us have had crit all over them, and hit too. It could be possible to stack crit higher than now if the trend continues. However, a lot of items, especially PvP set items have resiliency all over them also, meaning crit overall is probably going to be lower in PvP in teh expansion. Blizz is definitely making steps to slow down PvP, as items will ahve about double to stm as they do now at level 70. IE, could you imagine BP of Wrath with 80 stm?