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Blood Pact: Mistakes other people make {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 5:55PM As a healer, my opinion is that you locks can just life tap away as you see fit, as long as you don't do it during combat just when the boss is about to do his big AoE attack. I am drowning in regen, I can spare the heals.

I will also buff your pet, even if you summon it after I've buffed everybody else. And I'll also heal it, no problem, as long as you understand the priority list in a typical 5-man is: tank, me, DPS, pets.

Just watch your threat. That's really the only problem I ever have with locks, as soon as they get some nice gear they become aggro monkeys. Just remember that you're still a clothie...

Math problem: Average winning roll {WoW}

Dec 21st 2009 11:02PM This is the correct solution, and it matches the empirical numbers closely. "The winning roll is 50" means that all players rolled 50 or less, but not all players rolled 49 or less. There must be at least one 50 roll for the winning roll to be 50. The probability that N people roll R or less is (R/100)^N, so the probability that the winning roll is R out of a group of N people is (R/100)^N - ((R-1)/100)^N.

So to get the average winning roll with N people, you go through all possible rolls R 1..100, and you multiply R by the probability the winning roll is R, and you sum up all of those numbers.

This approach also nicely sidesteps the need to deal with combinatorics, and the possibility that more than one person has the highest roll.

So for N in 1..25 the average winning roll is:

1 50.5
2 67.165
3 75.4975
4 80.4966667
5 83.82916675
6 86.209285881
7 87.9941669583
8 89.3822226889
9 90.4925007
10 91.4007585757
11 92.1575013748
12 92.7976941407
13 93.3463119066
14 93.8216696992
15 94.2375037905
16 94.6043183904
17 94.930283442
18 95.2218489019
19 95.4841747371
20 95.7214380653
21 95.9370565298
22 96.1338534026
23 96.3141814117
24 96.4800168498
25 96.6330319661

WoW Rookie: What's my DPS? {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2009 3:57AM Let's see...

Choice 1: A reliable DPS'er who puts out 2k DPS consistently and survives the fight

Choice 2: A flaky DPS'er who would be capable of putting out 4k DPS if only he could tell his arse from a fire on the floor.

I'll take what's behind door number 1, Alex.

I would see what I could do to help the 2k DPS up his numbers without losing his reliability, but in the end player skill trumps silly numbers all the time.

Breakfast Topic: When to call it {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2009 10:04AM We usually just call it when either performance goes down noticeably (meaning people are getting tired or fed up), or if we're simply not making progress (i.e. three attempts resulting in a wipe at the same place, for the same reasons).

Going for Sartharion plus 2 drakes tonight, so plenty of wiping ahead for me...

Forum post of the day: Life Tap dancing {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 11:20AM As a healer I don't mind a lock life tapping, either in combat or out of combat. I just heal them right back up to full and we're good to go. It makes the run go faster, I can spare the mana, it's no problem. Only one request: don't tap just when the tank is about to pull, please.

Spiritual Guidance: Reacting to the Circle of Nerfing {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 6:47AM @Rek:

With Glyph of Flash of Light you get a HoT, and with Glyph of Holy Light you get a limited group heal.

And since Wrath, the holydin spell portfolio has become a lot more varied. Holy Shock is no longer that useless situational spell you hardly ever used. Beacon of Light is amazing for AoE damage, especially in 5 mans. Sacred Shield is nice as well for damage reduction. Lay on Hands is a very nice panic button. And Divine Plea means you don't have to go OOM halfway through the fight anymore.

Pally healing has become a lot more interesting with Wrath.

Name one thing you'd change about your class {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 10:20AM Holydins are wonderful when it comes to healing now. Combine the Flash of Light Glyph, the Holy Light Glyph and a holy spec with Beacon of Light, then forget everything you ever knew about Paladin healing. Learn how to effectively combine all of those abilities (FoL, HL, HS, BoL, SS, ...), and be imba. I like how you now have to be much more adaptive in how you heal to be a good holydin, but when you do it's fantastic.

What I'd like to see changed for holydins is a little DPS. Holy Shock is nice, seal/judge is okay, but what would be great would a nice, generic, ranged DPS spell that doesn't concern itself with melee attacks like seal/judge. Holy Fireball, or something like that. With it, a holydin could much more effectively contribute to DPS where the situation allows, and solo'ing doesn't have to be the utter exercise in frustration that it is now.

Either that or gief dual spec plox!

The Queue: Reputation, daily quests, and performance in Dalaran {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 5:41PM RAM and system specs are certainly not the only factor in the Dalaran lag. I also get terrible lag in Dalaran, but everywhere else in the world including Azeroth and Outland is smooth as butter. And my system's specs are easily good enough to run WoW, I bought a new system just a few months ago. Snappy quad core CPU, 4 gigs of fast RAM, a 9800GTX card, and a good motherboard to tie it all together.

I can run two WoW instances with two accounts on the same machine and get smooth gameplay everywhere with the graphics details turned all the way up, but just one instance running while I'm in Dalaran is not playable. Even if I turn the graphics details way down then.

Breakfast Topic: Too much politics in your WoW? {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 10:25AM @Amaxe: I had something similar when 3.0.2 came out. Are you running WoW on Vista? Then you probably have some file permissions issues that prevent your addons from writing their configuration on exit.

If so, you need to fix it by going to your WoW folder in the Windows Explorer, and open its properties. Go to Security, and make sure you take ownership of all files and you have write access at least to the WTF directory and everything below it.

For some reason the move of the WoW installation that happened with 3.0.2 messed up both the permissions and the ownership of a lot of files, and forcing the ownership and permissions to something same seems to have fixed it for me.

Breakfast Topic: Are server outages driving you to other games? {WoW}

Oct 20th 2008 11:29AM Yes. Blizzard's PR is sorely lacking and their customer service is lousy. I can understand it's difficult to offer good service with all the whining and QQ'ing going on, but Blizzard should be doing better in this regard.

But WoW didin't go down for five days. Your comparison is not valid. If WoW went completely down for five days there would be a much bigger outcry, and rightly so.

WoW is now having some serious teething problems. Amazon and the like have them as well, and their customer facing interface is much less complex than WoW's. Amazon's *real* complexity is behind the scenes, and you don't see the problems they have there. WoW's complexity is right in your face. And, of course, it took Amazon *years* longer than WoW to get the kind of reliability they have now. It sucks that I'm paying for a service I can't always access whenever I want, but QQ'ing isn't going to get it fixed faster.

Oh, and read the TOS you agreed to some time. Blizzard doesn't give any guarantees as to service availability, regardless of what you're paying for the service.

Could they have delivered a patch that was properly stable from day one? Sure, I have no doubt of it. But delivering that kind of quality control takes time and money. The money argument doesn't fly so much considering the ridiculous profit Blizzard makes from the game, but as for time, what would you rather have? 2-3 weeks of teething problems now and a solid experience after that, or (almost) no teething problems and a Wrath launch in Q4 2009?

I'll take the instability now, thank you very much. If that's what it takes to get things solid and stable without delaying the Wrath release by a ridiculous margin, bring it on.

You have the right to be upset. You don't have the right to have me care. If you find a game that you think doesn't have these kinds of teething problems, go ahead. But don't come QQ'ing when that game turns out to have (surprise) the same kind of problems.

So I'll say again. Shit happens. Deal with it. If you don't want to deal with it, cancel your account and walk away. Please.