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Starting a guild from scratch {WoW}

Nov 28th 2007 8:33AM I took over leadership of our guild in March of this year. I knew one person in real life. I have since met four of our members outside of the game and am delighted to have made new friends; something very hard to do as an adult. We now have around 80 members with 50 or so being incredibly active. The key as someone mentioned earlier, is to maintain your guild's culture at all costs. We recruit mostly adults and strictly enforce our "no beggars" policy as well as encourage lively, light hearted guild chat. While raiding is important and we provide that for our members, we remember that it's a game and keep things casual. We are constantly helping the lower level members, as this only adds to our guild atmosphere (ie. pay if forward) and increases the amount of members that can enjoy end game content. Feel free to check us out on Echo Isles.

Robbing the guild bank {WoW}

Nov 25th 2007 12:03AM To a previous comment: You can now see all of your bank's transactions (ever) on the armory. Just look up your guild and you will see a bank tab. As far as this bug goes: if true, absolutely unprofessional and pathetic. I hope this is not true!

Officers' Quarters: How do we govern? Part 1 {WoW}

Nov 11th 2007 6:15AM I am the GL of a successful guild with about 70 members and 140 toons. We have a charter(constitution) that we follow. It GUIDES us, it does not bind us because we are all rational adults that can adapt to situations. We prefer that our officers make the decisions as a group on membership issues, loot rules, etc. Because we are very careful about who becomes an officer this works out nicely. It is nice to see that voting and changing leadership works well for some guilds, however we are mostly adults and I believe that steady leadership provides a constant that adults can count on (and saves on the drama). I would like to clarify something though about democracy. I am a US citizen and a lot of Americans think they live in a democracy (it's a representative republic) and they do not. Democracy: two wolves and one sheep voting on what's for dinner or "mob rule." If our guild were to ever change styles, my personal preference would be one where the members elect individuals to represent them. Beware leaving too many decisions up to the masses to decide or your guild may become the sheep!( we are on Echo Isles)

Officers' Quarters: Rank and file {WoW}

Nov 11th 2007 5:29AM It is unfortunate to see such cynical comments about fairness and GL's. It may be possible that some with negative posts are not in a guild that is a good fit for them. I am a GL ( on Echo Isles), and our members DO OWN the guild! Are you kidding? I may be able to boot people, etc. , however there will be mutiny and mass defections if I don't manage our people and resources well. Any wise GL will manage it so the members have ownership, otherwise, why would they care? I also inherited my guild so the story above is one I can relate to. The wrong people in the wrong places, favorites, no clarity etc. I just kept encouraging the peeps that "get it" and those that didn't "get it" moved onand we grew by word of mouth. A post above "The wet-dream of the guild leader. But really, the ranks only work to separate the haves and the have-nots." is either a shining example of how poorly run many guilds are or a good example of the kind of attitude that destroys guilds. Our officers do have perks, however they WORK for them. I suggest that if you are not in a guild built on fairness and members WORKing for their perks, you are in a guild doomed to fail. Also to the guy considering a "punishment" rank...Imho, a punishment rank doesn't work. If someone demonstrates such poor behavior that you don't want them using gchat, why keep them in your guild? My experience has taught me that people that cannot behave in gchat, don't behave well outside of gchat either.