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Enter to celebrate patch 3.0.2 with a Paper Airplane from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 2:12PM First thing I am going to do is buy up all the companion pets I don't have yet. Didn't have room for the same pets with different skins before... do now!

Interest group speaks up against Blizzard on Glider case {WoW}

May 6th 2008 8:42PM Copying the game into RAM to play is one thing. Isn't copying the game into RAM and making money off it where the infringement comes into play?

Know Your Lore: The Sunwell {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2008 9:42PM Hey now,
Medivh died during the first war at the hands of Khadgar, et al. Which definitely brings up the question, how is he alive, talking to these people? Ghost crow?

Navizon Lite offers free GPS positioning to 1/2 mile {}

Dec 10th 2007 7:57PM If you ask me, this software is amazing. Yes, the iPhone should have GPS, but it doesnt. So given what Navizon has to work with, this program is pretty cool. If you are really upset about how accurate it is, then go to their blog ( and learn about how you can make coverage better. I haven't checked recently, but in the past, if you are contributing to their database, you get a free version.

If you still aren't satisfied, go by yourself a garmin.

DeviceLink.framework offers wireless device syncing {}

Nov 11th 2007 5:07PM Does this mean iPhone connectivity can be vamped up with say... bluetooth Address Book functionality?