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Breakfast Topic: The perfect partner {WoW}

Mar 18th 2008 10:09AM I play with my r/l partner as well as a few online questing partners as well. Most are complimentary classes. I am a holy pally, but can hold my own in a fight, and my alt is a mage. I know I value having a questing partner on her because I go from being full plate to full cloth and my mage is just too squishy.


Conquering fear of PvP (before conquering the Alliance) {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 1:10AM I was terrified of PvP when I was levelling up. When I hit 70, I was working on an alt and a guildie suggested I bring my alt healer druid to Warsong Gulch. I tried it and got over my initial fear and my 'Oh My God Where Am I Going and What Am I Doing!!!" phase and relaxed. I won some, I lost some. Recently I brought my lvl 70 healer specced and geared from Kara and ZA to Warsong Gulch with much more success. One thing PvP does do, is it teachs you to play your class and spec better. It teachs you to learn about the other classes and specs to know what to expect and how to counteract those actions in the most effective way.

Needless to say, I am still not completely comfortable with PvP out in the World game, my guild does fun raids once in a while on lower level alliance towns in dresses with shovels and pitchforks, I am getting better and less afraid.

I still have never duelled.



Officers' Quarters: No poaching! {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 11:38AM I am an officer for a smaller guild that is starting to raid (Kara cleared and beginning ZA). We have had several members join us just in the last few weeks. The most common complaint I hear is that the guildies just didn't feel that the guild they were in was a social, and that they didn't work together to get game tasks done. We are a strong guild that has a firm foundation in helping each other and in doing guild-based events together. We have a core group of regulars and many new people. We do not actively poach members because our Guild Leaders are very against it, but inevitably, after a run with us, many pugged toons ask about membership. Maybe we are just fun to hang out with, but we also work very well together and we do get alot of comments about our accomplishments. If a toon decides to leave their guild and asks to join ours, that is not poaching and we will accept them as a member. So, it is likely that maybe if you are seeing your ex-guildies in Shat with a new Guild tag that maybe they weren't poached but found a guild that was a better fit for that person. We have to be careful because many guilds dissaprove of poaching and take it very seriously.

The Light and How to Swing It: A class full of irony {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 4:50PM I play a lvl 70 healadin. I do a variety of things when not healing to manage solo questing and mobs. I don't PvP much. First of all, one of the comments mentioned using FoL to restore mana...not that I am aware of. FoL is just a more mana efficient heal. It heals less that Holy Light AND uses less Mana. For Healing, there are a lot of things that can be done besides two heals. You can buff your heals with a critical strike (can't remember talent name) and you can reduce mana cost. I also use my trinkets both in healing and in solo questing because most trinkets give healing bonus, but also most say bonus spell damage as well, so pop a trink, judge retribution and then holy shock and you do a large deal of damage pretty quickly. It is all in using the talents and your gear and trinkets appropriately.

As a lvl 70 specced mostly for healing, I do have enough in prot and ret to use a shield because that is a great way to get some dual wield if you have a shield spike and it helps absorb damage done to you. I am easily able to take down 3-4 mobs at once, at my level or even 71 (non elites) at the same time. I pretty much OOM but with proper gear, you can at least regenerate mana quickly enough to use FoL on yourself pretty much towards the end. I also pop a mana pot when I am halfway through my mana so that by the time I am down to nothing again, enough time has passed that the cooldown is over and I can use another one.

That being said, buffing with Adepts Elixir or foods that add buffs is very helpful as well as using other items like runes of warding or fel blossoms to help absorb damage in a "oh crap" moment.

IT's all about knowing and using your abilities creatively.


WoW Rookie: Forming a Group {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 2:11PM Couple of other pointers when in group, and I hope that this will be written about in a subsequent article. I found myself with a group this weekend running Wailing Caverns on my alt. Most of the players were new, and only one had a higher level alt.

First problem was that they didn't have a tank, they were using voidwalkers and hunter pets as tanks. Most healers cannot use healing mods to show these participants in a group so it's harder to keep these alive than an actual player.

Second problem was related to loot for quests. In Wailing Caverns, there is a quest to pick up serpentbloom. Nobody was taking turns or waiting until we were out of combat to get these and there was no order. One person kept ninjaing them until he had all of his, and the rest of us had to wait. This was annoying and in most groups, it is a good idea to take turns or roll for these types of things. Likewise with chests, nobody was rolling, just one person ninja-ing them.

Third problem was that they kept breaking sheep. There were two mages (myself included) so I said that in an effort to help the VW and pet tank, that I would sheep if we got a target that was overwhelming the tanks...but the melee kept breaking my sheep. Please remember as a rookie that if a Mage sheeps a target or a hunter ice traps a target, don't break it. Any damage to the mob being trapped or sheeped will release it and most traps and sheeps are on some type of cooldown, so it's not as easy to just resheep them immediately.

Now, I might be picky because I come from a guild where loot and instance etiquette is very specific and everyone gets fair shots at everything else. There needs to be an article for rookies about the etiquette of instancing and they should have these etiquette things down before they hit outlands where instancing is a major source of your time and source of your rewards.

As mentioned in the article, this is a MMO game, so eventually everyone has to group to get stuff done. Luckily in my guild, I don't have to PuG very often and my PuG experiences have been less than positive because many of these issues are experienced even in the higher level instances. A little social grace and politeness never hurt anyone.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite quest? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 8:25AM Maybe this is a buzzkill if you like the bombing quest in Ogri-la, but there is an easier way to do it and take less damage to your gear. You get up close to the stacks of cannonballs on foot, clearing the mobs if you have to, and then you mount up on your flyer on the ground, quickly bomb the stack and then dismount. You take one hit from the cannons and it usually flings you back a bit, but you don't take a ton of damage being shot out of the sky. might have your daily quests for you {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 4:58PM This would be very hard to keep up because it is possible to pick up the daily and keep it in your bag for multiple days and turn it in when finished. I have done this numerous times, so it might be able to be accurate for players who have no dailies already in their quest log, but would not be accurate for those who happen to hold on to a quest or get it partially done. The dailies do not reset out of your quest log every day, only when you abandon it or complete it.

WoW Rookie: Knowing your place in an instance {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 2:44PM As a healer, I tend to bring a variety of food buffs for other team roles, just in cases of PuGs we don't have a mage, or someone to provide food or water. I think as a healer, it's important for someone to at least do this (makes me a pretty popular healer in my guild-cooking and fishing are 375/375 so between rewards from the daily cooking quests and fishing nodes available at most places where I do dailies, it is very little expense for me to do this, only my time and usually members will flip me a small tip for having these things on hand during raids and instances) and with plenty of bag space, carrying about 5-10 of four different buff-style foods (four bag slots max) can be a great assist. As an alchemist, I regularly carry Adepts Elixir too because this can help dps and cc. I am a pally, so I like party members to be as buffed up as possible because Paladin healing does have it's limitations.

New cooking recipes for 2.4! {WoW}

Feb 6th 2008 9:44AM You can find the Nightfins in Winterspring, as you come out of the timbermaw hold, on the left is a small lake. I got both the nightfins and salmon there. Nice drop rates too.

Uldaman Server

Breakfast Topic: Non-combat uses for combat spells {WoW}

Jan 24th 2008 8:12AM I have seen Pally's use consecration at in-game weddings.