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Fishing etiquette {WoW}

Nov 12th 2007 11:58AM Unless you were busy with other activities, admittedly fishing is serious business (I quite honestly earned my epic flyer through fishing), it's a lot of fun seeing how far you can take a lowbie around sometimes. Part of it's balancing out inner cruelty and compassion of course.

I remember this one time trying to help a lowbie find out where to get his fire totem quest giver, but he somehow made his way into Azshara. He whispered me because I was the highest level shaman in the Barrens, and I decided since he was a fellow shammy it'd be fine to help him out. I voluntarily took a flight to Ashenvale and worked to escort him out. The best thing I remember is watching the level 30 elite hippogryph come out of the foilage from nowhere and just maul him and then fly away just as quickly!