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WoW tipping etiquette and social networking {WoW}

Dec 7th 2007 5:44PM @16,

Meta cuts and alchemical transmutes are all rep grind recipes. You need to be honored/revered/exalted to get them.

When you pay someone a tip for that, you are paying ffor the time and effort they put into getting that reputation.

I OFTEN start fights in trade when I see a crafter say "Selling X enchant/cutting Y gem. Your mats and 10g tip". I point out that requiring a tip is called a fee. I have absolutely no issue with a crafter asking for a fee, as I pointed out, it can be hard to get recipes. What I have issue with is a crafter asking for a tip. A tip is given freely, a gift for a job well done.

As a 375 jewelcrafter on a server where most cut gems sell 20 - 10g less than an uncut one, I have all but given up on expecting a tip. If I see someone asking for a recipe I can provide, I tell them if they come to me, I will cut it for free. Which is a shame, cause gem recipes sell for 200 - 400g.

My 375 enchanter would often travel to people, and if I got a point, Id flat out refuse the tip. That was a bitch to level. As a whole, I've come to expect nothing, so I am quite happy when someone gives me a tip of any kind.

Gamer Interrupted: How to turn your wife into a gamer {Massively}

Nov 27th 2007 7:31AM I met my wife online. She was a seriously addicted blog-a-holic. I was also out surfing the blogosphere, and we became good friends. About 2 or 3 weeks later, my best friend got WoW. I'd spend less of my day visiting my friends/random blogs, and more at his place, melting face on his brothers account with my slowly growing shadow priest.

Eventually, things began to heat up between my (not at the time) wife and I, and I brought her over to my friends house to show her why my blogs werent being updated much anymore. "Hmm, a stupid game. Right. So you guys got cable? Mind if I work on my blog while you play?"

A few months later, her and I moved in together. Due to cash restraints, I was without WoW, and it took about a year to get back into it. On a whim, I offered my wife the trial version.

"ok, I guess. But Im only playing so I can run around as a gnome. And im gonna be a warrior, not cast any geeky magic tricks (yes she said cast magic tricks). And im nto joining any geeky guilds either. I jsut wanna be a gnome, run aroudn and hit things."

This was about 2 months Pre-BC. I had a level 50 dwarf Holy Priest at the time. Needless to say, a month after BC is released, my wife got her first level 70 (before me!) a gnome warlock, and was the GM of our guild. Her 2nd 70, a Draenei mage beat my 2nd toon to 70. ATM she has a 61 shadow priest and I have a 58 hunter. For someone who just wants to be a gnome and whack things, and isnt gonna take hte game seriously, I just cant keep up!

Oh, and she hasn't blogged in over 3 months. (And we had a baby 4 weeks ago! She keeps mentioning how she really should take a photo and upload it.)

Officers' Quarters: 2.3 postmortem {WoW}

Nov 26th 2007 10:22PM Im all for noobiness. With my main, I've left 3 guilds as they finsihed kara and moved onto gruuls/SSC. Raiding tends to make good people bad jerks. But let me say, I am very against the shift from revered to honored.

My wife and I did our first heroic Mech right after patch 2.3 (we had jsut hit revered) We got a group together, all flew up there, and the mage said "I cant get in". We asked him if he had his key and he said "What key? Im already honored".

So we let him hearth back to Kara, took him 10 minutes to find the vendor, and then he only did cause I got fed up, hearthed and showed him where it was. THIS should have been a sign enough to leave teh group, but my wife wanted abdges, and she was sick of Cenarion heroics.

I was main healer, I have 1700 healing buffed, OOM is a word that hasnt escaped my lips (fingers) in a looong time with my 11k mana pool. My shortcoming is my meager hp total, jsut above 7k buffed. I had more than this mage. However, to the mages credit, he must have had some pretty big +damage, cause he managed to draw aggro from our SSC geared tank everytime...or maybe thats just cause he didnt understand, and needed to be walked through the concept of "Wait for sunders".

He died on EVERY PULL we did, before he got mad at US, and left the group after the first boss.

I'm sorry, but get honored out of heroics. We were patient as we could be with the poor noob, but the key thing should have been an indicator that he didn't belong in there.

Alterac Valley practical jokes {WoW}

Nov 26th 2007 10:00PM I've gotten 3 warnings and a temp ban for abusing people who found that funny.

You'd think that people would stick up for me when I call the mages responsible childish, but more often than not im ridiculed and reported.

You'd also think Blizzard would back me up, because its the mage being the asshat, not me...but no, Blizz fully supports teh use of asshattery it seems.

I see it like this. If you dont go around shopping centers, tipping peoples trolley's over and kicking htier stuff around for 15 minutes, wasting thier time, then there really is no reason to waste 15 minutes of peopels time in AV. Both are examples of being a giant douchebag. And if you DO harass innocent shoppers, tehn you have every right to summon portals in AV, but make sure you dont miss you psych appointments you crazy psycho.

Blizz still evaluating afk reporting feature {WoW}

Nov 26th 2007 6:17PM Here's a tip. At the start of the BG, once outside the cave, press Shift + M. Voila, instant minimap in hte bottom right corner of your screen. This is tres useful because a) You can right click on any dot and report it AFK (I generally report THE WHOLE TEAM AFK AT THE START OF EVERY GAME) Those who go into O, or who ply an active D are safe from teh debuff. But those who say "Im defending the bridge" before the horde even get to SH bunker can suffer for thier laziness. secondly, and most importantly, you can see at all times which part of the map is being defended, and where you are most needed.

But yes, the point being, Shift + M = AFK reporting isnt hard. If someone says "report the cavers", jsut put your mouse over the dots in teh cave, they all get reported.

The Light and How To Swing It: Surviving 1-20 as a pally {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 5:44PM Any paladin that asks for innervate is obviously noob, and therefore shouldn't be considered as a real healer. Any druid that gives said paladin is also noob.

Innervate is to be used on Druids and Priests, the classes with high spirit and therefore high mana regeneration. A paladin can L2manapot if he needs mana, which, honestly, I have never come across. I heal heroics in a tank spec! (23/28/0 from memory)

A paladin who is asked to raid heal should speak up and suggest any of the other classes do it. Shamans have Chain heal, priests have bubble/renew/prayer of mending and druids just have every HoT under the sun. Paladin healing is pretty boring, granted, but I remember finishing BM when getting kara attuned with 85% mana left over, only stopping to drink once, after wave 6 (first boss, for those counting at home). My priest, who had 1000 or so more healing than my paladin, would usually finish at no mana, and have to drink after each and every boss.

So, in response to all the paladin healing naysayers, I say you obviously have played with people who ebayed thier account, have never cast flash of light cause Holy Light is sooooo orsum!!!1!!, or who someone who didnt like the person they were meant to be healing, so they decided not to.

I leveled my pally as ret until level 36, when I was given a BoE epic handed sword by an online friend for my birthday. I intended to switch back to ret once I outleveled the sword, cause like...SOC IZ SO ORSUM! but I found the ability to go Prot and AoE, BoSanct and reckoning meant I could kill 6 or 7 mobs my level and higher in the same time it would take me to kill those mobs as ret, but without the near death experience.

An argument for permanent death {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 12:42AM "Perma-death is a idea most likely from a twinked out 70 with no life who figures it will prevent him from having any competition for most powerful toon on the server." - #75

I first decided I wanted permadeath WoW when my first toon hit mid-30's. Why? I don't know, it jsut makes the game seem more...meaningful. Yeah sure, my paladin tank is a defender of the weak and innocent. Yeah sure, it's his duty to step in and get hit so others dont. And what happens if he fails? We pay some money, spend a minute running back. Whats the point?

I want to protect people from dying, not save them a few gold. There was a game, a few years back, that was being developed called Dawn, or Dusk. I think it was Dawn. Its major selling point was permadeath. And it had an entire F.A.Q devoted to why permadeath can be a good thing.

Unfortunetly, scanning the interwebs, I cant find anything on it anymore :S But I will try and promote teh arguement again using my fragile and feeble memory.

Basically the whole idea was based on the concept behind the movie Braveheart. You fight for things you believe in, you fight for things you are passionate for. In a permadeath game, you make friends faster. They have your back, you have thiers. You bond, you care. You are given oppurtunites to make the decision "I'd give my life to save you". You're friend got ganked? HE comes back and tells you the gankers name, you gather a posse and hunt the bastard down. Why? in a permadeath server, your friend being ganked is your community getting weaker.

I can clearly see how this isnt everyoens cup of tea. And thats why it would be awesome to have a server or two, not the whole of WoW being changed. It jsut allows for a more community based (if not more frustrating) method to play the game. It allows for the "epic saga" feel that Fantasy upholds. So Iguess this is the role player deep down inside of me expressing itself, I don't know. I just know that the chance to play, and fight, and live and die alongside a trusted companion is pretty damn awesome.

And this game I mentioned, Dawn, or Dusk...whatever. It had "player housing" (similar to our banks) so that when you died and started again, once you "came of age" you could inherit your stuff least the stuff you decided to put away. And you're friends could always loot you corpse and pass the stuff on to you. With Soulbound items, that'd be impossible, but at least you could do it with gold, etc. (And with the release of guild banks, its a possibilityt hat you could store your gold in a bank).

Anyway, thats my opinion. Id very much love to roll an alt (or a main) on a hardcore server. Just the chance to face Van Cleef or Verdan the Everling alongside some trusted companions (sif you'd Pug) would feel truly epic.

Fishing etiquette {WoW}

Nov 12th 2007 8:47PM I once ran a very successful level 19 twink guild. I had a lot of "childish" members who acted the way many of you have described, but I would always put a stop to that. Every sunday, we would have designated fishers, and everyone else in the guild would play bodyguard. Mainly, thier job was to clear the mobs, and scare away any horde. As a rule, I tried to convince them not to gank any hordies, because that would bring a lot of negative attention to us. This method went on for a few weeks, until one sunday, a group of horde twinks showed up where we fished. We shared the area (ZG island and the opposite coastline near Nessingwary). I told my guildies to just leave them in peace, only fish from their holes if they fish from ours.

All was peaceful for about 30 minutes when suddenly 12 horde came and spawn camped us for the remaining hour. From that day on, I made sure we were as bloodthirsty and horrible as the horde. You CAN play it polite, do the right thing. You CAN care about other peoples enjoyment of the game. You CAN offer someone a fair oppurtunity at a contest, but if you do all that, you'll get stepped on and rolled over because of it.

P.S I contacted the horde twinks who we left alone (trial account FTW) and he apparently had nothing to do with the campers. They jsut came from ZG and thought it would be fun to waste the next few hours of thier life killing people who cant fight back. So it didnt even have anything to do with winning the fishing contest. (Especially since the ZG island is slow with respawned fish pools, making it a good place to fish if you are jsut after the twink items, not winning).