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The new Misery {WoW}

Aug 31st 2008 2:22PM As a destruction warlock, I have gear sets for 1% hit (draenei in the party), 4% hit (draenei shaman in the party), and no hit. Hit rating from Misery frees up hit rating on the caster's gear, allowing them to switch out for a piece of gear with less spell hit but more of other stats.

The problem arises when all the casters get so much hit rating they are maxed out at all times. However, this only occurred in BC at the very end of progression. But considering that even destruction warlocks get a spell hit talent in WotLK, and that the spell hit cap is being lowered, spell hit rating will probably become a much less desirable stat than it is on live. What effect this will have on Misery's usefulness remains to be seen.

Warriors gain super buffed Titan's Grip and passive Mortal Strike {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2008 3:45AM I'm not sure why this comes as a surprise to anyone. Warriors were blantantly unfinished, it had been made clear on the beta forums that a review was coming up, and Ghostcrawler said numerous times that TG was supposed to be a no-brainer talent. In truth, it's very obvious that somebody in the development team is watching over warriors - there's never been a time when warriors have been a below-average class for long.

I approve of the Titan's Grip change. Giving melee attacks a 100% chance to proc Mortal Strike is just silly though. MS has always been the defining Arms talent, so if they intend to keep Furious Attacks then they need to really work on Arms. They will probably go the path of least resistance, though, so I expect a fury nerf in the future.

Wrath cinematic trailer unveiled {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 9:48AM Pros: It looks pretty, and sets up Arthas as a villain much better than the BC trailer set up Illidan. If this were Warcraft IV it would be a fantastic opening.

Cons: Heavy investment in the character of Arthas. A little short. Doesn't pick up on any other themes in the expansion, such as the horde vs. alliance conflict.

Personally I was disappointed. The thing I liked about previous cinematics was the way they tried to capture the entirety of the game in a few minutes, and show off the game's diversity. That said, it's certainly the prettiest trailer, and it captures one specific area of the game really quite well.

Midsummer Fun: Torch Catching {WoW}

Jun 21st 2008 7:27PM This quest seemed really hard at first but after 15 minutes of practicing while following the shadows I felt like I could do 20 in a row. A really easy 12g, particularly if you main a resto druid, right in the heart of Ironforge.

Level 1-60 in less than 6 days {WoW}

Nov 13th 2007 6:19PM While I'm all for additional content in the 1-60 range, I don't really think dumbing it down is the right answer. It's already possible to quest (as long as you're willing to do the occasional instance quest) all the way to 60 without ever doing serious grinding, even if you omit Stranglethorn completely, and more so with rest bonus. Personally I don't like Outlands at all; aside from being grind-a-riffic it lacks much of the charm and humour that made Azeroth so appealing, so I don't really appreciate Blizzard's attempt to accelerate players into their farm-focused content.

But I do like the look of the new quest hub in Dustwallow. That place needs some love and anything involving goblins is going to be great. Perhaps Blizzard have noticed that people don't actually enjoy being ganked constantly in the beautiful jungles of Stranglethorn.