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PvP for PvE on the PTR {WoW}

Feb 16th 2008 7:43AM I wasn't being personal, I even went so far to ignore your "are you dense" comment. I don't care if you've played a warrior for 3 years or 3 days, someone who says "resilience only compensates to a certain extent" is obviously ignorant of the intricacies of tanking and, obviously, needs to read up on how good tanking is accomplished. Resilience does not "compensate" for anything. It's USELESS unless you're trying to become uncrittable while using pvp gear, in which case you're still missing out on +dodge and +parry bonuses of +def.

If you like pvp so much and if pve players are "clickers", then why do you want to participate in it so much? I'm just so confused...

Our difference is, I guess, that when I take the S1 shield and shoulders in an instance or to a raid I feel ashamed in a weird way, as if I were cheating, while you'd feel happy if that cheating (imho) would get you all the way to bt. I hate pvp and consider the time I spent in bg's to get my 2 pieces of s1 gear as time wasted, whereas you think there is some kind of "skill" involved. I'll just disagree with you and wish you good luck in your future endeavours, my dear friend.

PvP for PvE on the PTR {WoW}

Feb 16th 2008 7:01AM "I can do about 50-75% of heroics, but i get my ass kicked by the other 25% while a tank that's not even cleared karazhan has no problem."

I suggest you understand that gear can get you so far and you need to, in so many words, prioritise technique over equipment (or, less eloquently, l2tank).

In other words, a tank that hasn't even cleared kara KNOWS how to tank. Tanking isn't just respec'ing and regemming, there's actually some kind of technique involved. And, I'm sorry to say, until you learn that "technique", you'll wipe in heroics and, trust me, it won't be because of the lack of PvP tanking gear. Many (including myself) have successfully tanked heroics in blues.

PvP for PvE on the PTR {WoW}

Feb 16th 2008 6:23AM You get an excellent shield and very nice sta/threat shoulders. I have them and even though the thought of tanking wearing pvp gear makes me shiver, they do their job pretty well.

Why would you want +def on pvp gear anyway?

Shifting Perspectives: The Druid-Shammy double whammy {WoW}

Nov 13th 2007 7:27PM Vyndree Stoneclaw generates a lot of aggro. For like 5 seconds, when it gets destroyed. It can, however, save your life or your group if you use it in the right situation.