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Forum post of the day: Great idea, poor implementation {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 11:51AM Leveling is so easy now anyway, and so fast, that you have no real reason to need dual specs before the cap anyway. Sure, if you really, really want to instance on the way up, it could help, but that is a choice and not a requirement.

What I am bothered by is that it's going to cost money. I had a lot of characters at 70 back in BC and I've got two 80s right now and multiple other characters closing in. Just how much gold are we talking here, Blizz? I'd be fine with 1000g, but what if it's 5000g? Over 9000?!

...yeah, anyway, for people like me who run multiple capped out, raid geared characters, that's a hell of a lot of gold. Then again, they *were* advertising gold farmer sites on their web page not long ago. Maybe Blizzard gets a cut if they drive us that way :P

Officers' Quarters: Dressed down {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2009 4:12PM It depends on what the mistake is.

When I notice one of our DKs is generating way more threat than they should be, I'll /tell them to check if they have frost turned on. That's not worth bringing up in public.

Getting a key element of a fight wrong if said in Vent because it needs to be said right away. I'm not going to take time to type out a request to kindly ask someone to stop standing in the red portals of death in the KT fight. That's going to be more along the lines of " MOVE!" in Vent.

This guy though? That's just being an ass. I wouldn't tolerate that on a 5-man let alone a 25-man. When it's time to group or raid, it's time to get down to business. We're a casual guild, but we raid very well and we are there to win. The guy had to have known that he was being a d*ck so the only reason he's getting pissy now is that he was called on it.

You're better off without him, and you're better off without everyone who feels sorry for him. There's just no excuse for pulling a stunt like that. I don't care how long you've known him.

Breaking News: Arenas disabled [Updated] {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 5:52PM @Dominace:

I for one enjoy the arena as much as I can for not playing a class/spec that is any good at them. My problem with the arena as it stands is very simple... I am a very good PvPer. One on one, even one on two, I can usually win or at least never get slaughtered. In the arena, it's a completely other game. The teams what are not of "I win" configuration are fun to play. The "I win" teams are an absolute pain and offer no enjoyment to me at all. Only annoyance.

The problem is no the arena. The problem is not the players. The problem is that there are a handful of "you might as well quit out and save yourself the trouble" team combos that make the game remarkably less fun for those of us not interested in putting such cookie cutter teams together.

This is why I prefer BGs. Who I run into, their class, their spec, and the class/spec of the people there to help them, are random factors. It's different all the time. In the arena, it's just the same teams over and over again. The only things that are different are the names over their heads.

Breakfast Topic: Should the girlfriend play WoW? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 10:18AM Go for it. My fiancee (will be wife this year) and I have played MMOs together ever since I put the needle in her arm back in EQ1. We founded a guild together, and have lead it together over EQ1, EQ2, and now WoW. Five years of sharing the fun, pain, triumph and failure. Plus, she's a great player and a huge asset to our guild groups and raids whatever character she's on.

Do it... invite her in. WoW isn't just for guys, and I think you'll enjoy her company. My advice, however, if to make sure you both have solo characters that aren't linked together, *and* at least one pair that only plays when you're both playing together. That way you have couple's time, and alone time, even if you're both playing.

Example... my prot pally and her mage have never, ever leveled without being grouped together, and were always a few thousand XP apart while leveling up. My warrior and druid are not linked to any of her characters and I play them when I want, as hard as I want. In the same way, her hunter and pally are not linked to me.

Officers' Quarters: Riding the pine {WoW}

Jan 7th 2009 3:14PM I'd kick you out for forming raids on your own, and thus messing up my ability to form sanctioned raids. I doubt you'd be as careful as the guild leader about who is locked out of what, and your petty attempt to annoy me would simply lead to the disruption of our regular, sanctioned raids by having key members scattered over multiple Raid IDs... and I would see to it that you were duly blamed and shunned for it.

I've had members like you in my five years of guild leadership. You don't last long. Then you run off, form your own guild, and it crumbled in in a matter of months.

Officers' Quarters: Riding the pine {WoW}

Jan 7th 2009 2:55PM Frankly, I'd have more sympathy if he wasn't a Druid. I have a feral druid alt that I tanked with and DPSed with through BC and, as I said, I run with a Bear tank all the time in Wrath. Yes, a respec and gear change would be needed to optimize Cat DPS, but even *without* changing anything, he can still do very respectable DPS as a Cat with Bear gear/spec.

These days, Bear gear and Cat gear aren't that different. Both are going to be stacking AGI (though STA for Bear and STR for Cat to go with it), and both specs share about 80-90% of the same talents. If all they're doing is 10-man Naxx, then really he's just complaining about hitting the Cat button instead of the Bear at this point. Malygos or 25-man content would be a bit more serious and would demand a respec/regear... but 10-man Naxx?

There is the matter of him simply not liking DPS. I respect that. However, I don't think the request to go DPS is an unreasonable one. Perhaps they are short a DPS. It's clearly one he doesn't like though, and that's his prerogative, but I can't brand the guild leader a monster for asking it of him.

Officers' Quarters: Riding the pine {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 1:51PM My guild is facing a "problem" right now of too many people but not enough people for two 10-man groups. This week, for example, we have more than 10 people signed up for every single day, but never 20. In some cases it's 12 signed up, in one case it's 17.

When picking who goes, at this point, we look at what the target is. The newer, less geared people can easily take on Sartharion and the Spider wing, but if it's time to hit up Construct wing or Sapph/Kel, well, sorry but the people who have the DPS to get the job done are the people who are going. If picking persons A, B and C over X, Y and Z means the difference between winning and wiping all night with nothing to show for it, you'd be a fool to not pick the winning team. You'd also be a fool to take the A Team into Spider wing when the B Team could use the drops and experience and are perfectly capable of doing it.

In the case presented by the article, I don't think enough details are given to fully evaluate the situation. Sure, the Bear wants to tank... got that part. However, he's talking like he'll never see a raid again and that's not what his GL said. He was told he won't *tank* for a raid any time soon, but there are three other options open to a Druid (Boom, Cat, and Tree). Ideal? No, but it's hardly the same thing as "You're never going to be invited to a raid ever" now is it?

Plus, what's the makeup of their Naxx team? Do they have exactly 10 people? If so then the two Prot warriors would make the more logical choice for tanks because the Druid *is* viable as DPS where as a Prot warrior isn't as viable. The warrior (or pally) would have to change specs. The Druid just has to change form and swap some gear to be perfectly viable in a 10-man as melee DPS.

I can use a similar case in my own guild with a DK friend. He wants to tank, but he also does insane DPS. Right now our tanks are myself and a Druid. The DK has only been needed to tank one time, and every other raid he's been DPS. Why? Because he's insanely good at it and it's the role we need filled.

So, as I said, I get that this bear wants to tank... but I think he's taking the demand to DPS with more indignation than is realistic.

The Queue: High Elves, great race or greatest race? {WoW}

Dec 19th 2008 6:06PM "High Elves are the elves that would rather buddy up with tree-hugging, lop-eared purple hippies and suck on moon wells all day than feed off of Demonic Magic or other living creatures... because they're candy asses and have zero pride, leading them to still side with a faction that left them and everyone they loved to be slaughtered by the Scourge."

Fixed :D

Hi, my name is mandy* {WoW}

Dec 19th 2008 2:55PM "It's just a game" is perhaps my most reviled attempt at justifying poor treatment of other players.

Zelda is just a game. Bejeweled is just a game. The millisecond you add another thinking, feeling human being to the equation other than yourself, it immediately ceases to be "just a game" and becomes a social interaction which demands some form of common human decency.

People who disagree with this could be harboring sociopath tendencies, and likely barely manage to interact with people in real life on a functional level. It's such a simple concept, and there is no justification for being an ass to someone that's done nothing to you.

Unless they're a Gnome. Clearly. Because then they started it by rolling a Gnome. :)

Hi, my name is mandy* {WoW}

Dec 19th 2008 2:50PM @vazhkatsi:

That's not relaxed, that's socially retarded.