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A closer look at the School of Hard Knocks {WoW}

May 4th 2009 5:29AM I have never done any serious Battleground or Arena and generally suck at PvP.
99% of my HK's and equipment is from Wintergrasp.
I was a bit miffed when I saw that I had to do PvP to get the achievement but I gave it a try.
To my surprise I did the 4 meta achievements real easy, only WSG took a couple of tries.
I even managed to log a couple of other PvP achievements too.
And a moral boost when my DK totally wasted a druid 1 on 1 in AB :-)
On the other hand, I have a guildie that more or less have given up on the PvP achievement.

I don't think this is something Blizzard should make a habit of doing but it was a bit fun.

Noblegarden has begun! {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 3:42AM Well, look at the bright side. On day 2, 3 or 4 you can have all the eggs to yourself. No need to camp or running around like a psychotic bunny.

I got up early (not by choice) and started getting eggs. The drop rate was ok, only the dress took a lot of eggs but I needed them anyway for the chocoholic achievement. And I had to buy the spring dress.

As many others, I had problems finding female horde players.

All in all, I think it took me 5 hours to get the title. I like this one so much better than the Love fool event where I did not get a single bag of candles/candies and the pet eluded me as well (sad about not getting the pet, pissed that I could not complete the achievement. Now I have to wait till next year to get the drake).

You may be a Love Fool after all {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 3:41AM Same here.
Not much use that we only have to make 6 candies when you don't get a single bag to start with.

My Buggy Valentine: Problems with Love is in the Air {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 6:58AM Since the event started I have spent from 18.00 till 02.00 every day and most of the saturday and sunday trying, every hour, to get the stuff for the Love fool event.
Loot of notice; 2 picknick baskets and 1 blackdress. The rest was the "crap" I could get all the time.

It is now midday monday and I have not had a single Bag drop for me.
Guess I just have to play another year to get the achievement.

Blizzard, I'm not a happy camper!

My main toon is a Death Knight and he missed out on the brewfest last year so unless the Brew of the month club meta-achievement get taken out, then I have to wait till October 2010 to get the proto-drake (and by that time we have moved on to a new region with coller mounts).

Design: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond {WoW}

Nov 15th 2007 3:28AM I went to coilfang yesterday to get the recipe and at the same time helping a friend to get som cobrascales.
It droped after about 30-45 min. of killing.
I was the only one that could loot it (friend was not JC) but I did not notice if the recipe was BoP.

Also got a blue cooking recipe from the cooking quest, so it was a nice patch day for me :-)