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The World (of Warcraft) is full, please come back later {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 9:37PM I'm on Eldre'Thalas as well and when I went to log in, I was at 1051. Back to the gool old days of ET.

My daughter the murloc {WoW}

Oct 31st 2008 3:55PM Boy... your kids are really growing up with an angry, humorless and overly tight sphinctered father, aren't they?

Happy Halloween.

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite playing partner {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 10:09AM I started out as the first person playing WoW in my family. Then my brother-in-law, a long time gamer, decided to give it a shot and got hooked. Since then, his wife (my sister), my mother and father (both in their late 50s) and my son (7) have all started playing. I'm working on convincing my wife and she actually installed the client last night...

We are all in the same guild and its not uncommon for us all to run instances together. It does make for very interesting Thanksgiving dinner conversations, though.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 10:13AM For the horde!

BoE Epic throwing weapon pickpocketed {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 9:46AM @15 I think you might be right. I was running some quests in Netherstorm last night and got 8 - 10 junkboxes. Thinking back, 2 - 3 was about my normal for those mobs.

Gallery: Turbo-Charged Flying Machine {WoW}

Nov 15th 2007 11:57AM I built mine last night and a lot of time buzzing around the Outlands. Its a blast. The only thing that will take some getting used to is the amount of exhaust... Nice effect, but possibly a tad overdone.