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Scattered Shots: MoP hunter changes galore {WoW}

Mar 29th 2012 5:48PM Yeah, I've seen this all before. A couple times.

I'm sure all the hunter PvP buffs will FEEL overpowered to other classes, cus hunters will no longer be free kills and they might even present an even fight, so everyone will QQ about how OP hunters are now, even tho if you look at hunter representation on winning arena teams hunters will STILL be below average.

So, Blizz will nerfbat hunters hard anyway because of all the QQ from other classes, and that will put hunters right back into the spot of being the worst represented, least survivable class by far, up until the 2 weeks between Mists and the next expansion, when they will be buffed back up to being competitive, and everyone will QQ again. Rinse. Repeat.

Hunters to get Stampede in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 3:04PM "I think it increases Beast Master's damage by 80% while they're out"

"since Ghostcrawler referred to it as a hunter ability rather than a beast mastery ability"

Seems to me he is specifically saying it is a BM ability. If each pet increases a hunter's damage by 20%-ish, then 4 more out would be +80%. I don't think he's saying you get +80% damage from just the hunter, in addition to what the extra pets are doing, is he?

Anyways, I see it as a mostly (awesomely) cosmetic PvE ability. Not really jumping for joy for a long-cooldown PvP nuke that can just be frozen in place or feared for it's full, short duration, doing no damage. I wonder, will BW affect all 5?

Breakfast Topic: What would be your biggest Mists of Pandaria surprise? {WoW}

Mar 18th 2012 9:55PM Beast spec hunters becoming a true tanking class.

How to assemble coordinating transmog gear sets for your hunter or shaman {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 12:06AM here's my hunter's custom set...

Diggin' transmogging a lot more that I thought I would, or will admit to ;)

Breakfast Topic: What parts of gameplay do you consider a chore? {WoW}

Feb 5th 2012 1:10AM leveling alts through the same content/quests you already did on your main.

Patch 4.3.2 released today, launch your clients early [Updated patch notes] {WoW}

Feb 1st 2012 1:54PM omg, I'm First World, and this is a Problem

Chuck Norris plays a melee hunter in latest WoW commercial {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 6:58PM Now we know how there was 1 hunter on top arena teams.

Officers' Quarters: Return of an X guild leader {WoW}

Nov 14th 2011 10:54AM This is a no-brainer. He left the guild, and then pretended to be someone else ... lied to you all... to keep control of your resources and personnel. He's deceitful, a liar, and can't be trusted.

Kick him asap, and don't look back. If anyone leaves to side with the liar, let them start their own new guild of thieves. You don't need them. Life's too short to bother with people like that, move on.

Ghostcrawler details potential solutions for gear inflation {WoW}

Nov 4th 2011 1:56PM Pull off the band-aid. At this coming expansion, on launch day, just take a decimal place off of everything. Divide *every* number in WoW by 10. Then do it again in like 10 years.


Scattered Shots: A very hunter BlizzCon {WoW}

Oct 20th 2011 3:48PM Ask/beg/sleep with GC if he will turn BM spec into a true tanking class. Super-buff the pet's defenses, nerf the hunter's dps ... and we get another tanking class to help solve the drought. And hunter's get another option for fun. I mean, do we really need THREE dps specs? Kinda pointless.

BM should be tank spec
MM should be pure dps spec
SV should be PvP spec