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Totem Talk: It's all about the Mana Tide {WoW}

Feb 4th 2011 7:02PM The main problem with resto shaman (and priests to a certain extent), is that we run oom and paladins and druids don't. Druids and especially paladins JUST DON'T RUN OOM (unless mana burned / mana drained).

In PVE, shamans can use T-currents to regain some mana. However, I noticed on some world first kills, they didn't have any resto shamans. I'm sure that will change with raid wide mana tide. I wish mana tide restored mana to non-healers though, it would make it a lot more useful.

In PVP, T-currents doesn't work (well). In PVP, if I have to inefficently spam heal someone on my team, I'll be oom in seconds. If a paladin does the SAME THING, he'll still be at 80% mana! It's amazing and it's not fair. Same thing with druids, over time their mana replenishment is a LOT better than mana tide. In PVP, neither class even has to drink, but shamans and priests in arena still have to drink.

So yeah, either resto shamans and priests need infinite mana like paladins and druids or they need to get nerfed, substantially.

Blood Sport: The PvP perspective on 4.0.6, part 2 {WoW}

Feb 4th 2011 4:51PM Unfortunately, you have some races like Tauren, who racial is completely underwhelming compared to EMFH. War Stomp has a cast time (it should be instant) and the stun time should be increased (especially considering DR these days).

I'd rather have just about any other racial, saving a trinket slot (because of EMFH) and using a PVE healing or DPS trinket is insanely powerful (compared to every PVP racial but especially compared to War Stomp).

The Art of War(craft): Eye of the Storm rated battleground strategy {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 7:16PM Eye of the Storm is all about resource allocation... and winning small scale fights (or holding out for reinforcements) at your location. It's also about knowing where to correctly counterattack the enemy after a strong defense.

The problem with the 3v1 is getting it in the first place. The author never mentioned how to do this. Games are usually 2v2 (with flag) because each team moves to reinforce their positions quickly, making a 3v1 game impossible. So the flag starts to matter a lot, because you're at a stalemate.

To get 3v1, does the author propose to take 10 attackers against their 5? Again, a good team doesn't have 5 guys in the middle and they'll reinforce with a total of 10 guys of their own. 10v10 with you attacking, unless you are very good and they are very bad, you will lose. Again, it's about positioning your forces properly.

So how does the author propose getting a 3 cap when they have 5 at each base, 4 rovers, and 1 in the middle?

The Art of War(craft): Eye of the Storm rated battleground strategy {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 7:12PM I agree with warriorpanda, the hard part is countering and coming back from a loss in the first few minutes. It happens to the best teams.

Must-have PvP talents for shaman in 4.0.3, part 2 {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 7:05PM Ancestral Resolve: This talent isn't as good as it seems because there aren't too many times you can cast freely without getting interupted or stunned or CCed. When an interupt is available, most of the time you're juking. In arena, I use instants as much as possible. So 10% reduced damage is really more like 1% reduced damage. It's a PVE talent more than anything imo.

Ancestral Awakening: I actually removed from my talents because my crit is low and this talent actually amounted to very little actual healing, especially in 2v2. Even in rated BGs, there aren't too many teams that let me sit there and heal.

Telluric Currents: I had this talent, but there were very few times where I could focus on offense and not defense. Against strong teams I could never use this ability. Also, in PVP I barely recover my mana (free damage is good though, but it takes time), unlike in PVE where I do more damage and can actually replenish my mana bar fairly easily. PVE talent imo.

In PVP, Glyph of Healing Wave isn't very useful because HW just doesn't have enough throughput to be worthwhile (and risk being interupted and locked out). I try to use it but the truth is, you can often be doing something more worthwhile.

Glyph of Grounding increases the CD by too much to be useful. From 15s to 60s? No thank you. I would consider it at 45s and it would be "must have" at 30s. The question always becomes, "what do you replace"? (I have no answer). Another thing to consider is that Grounding Totem now affects everyone in our group, making it VERY hard to use against a single spell being cast on you (it will often eat a different spell unintentionally).

A "must have" glyph for resto is Stoneclaw because we get silenced so often, dropping totems is something we can do with our GCDs. Anyone have any other suggestions on what to do when silenced?

Really, I find glyphs and talents are strongly affected by your playstyle but most importantly, which arena bracket you play in or rated battlegrounds, because they can be optimized slightly differently.

Must-have PvP talents for shaman in 4.0.3, part 2 {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 6:48PM Earthquake, when combined with Blizzard, used in a chokepoint, can actually be quite devastating in RBGs.

Blood Sport: The PvP perspective on 4.0.6, part 4 {WoW}

Jan 27th 2011 6:31PM Now hunters can faceroll their keyboard with autoshot on the run.

Yay! Hunters are now the only class that has almost all ranged instants and no mana limitations! Mark my words, they will NEVER be able to balance hunters in PVP, because they are the only ranged class that doesn't use mana. Not using mana is such a huge bonus these days, it's important. In addition, all their spells are instants, so they can never be interupted like other ranged classes. And unlike melee, they will be almost impossible to kite. So naturally, their DPS is going to be insane, constant, and unescapable.

I've seen many Hunters be #1 damage in BGs, so although they might have had some problems, the good hunters never had any problems.

Regarding mages, I wish Counterspell had a 12s CD and it lasted only 4s, which would be more inline with other interupts. Mages would be forced to use more GCDs and also it wouldn't be feast or famine with being locked out. Right now against healers (healers that don't have many instants, like shamans), it's a much too powerful form of burst damage.

Not enough nerfs to mages imo.

Blood Sport: The PvP perspective on 4.0.6, part 4 {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 4:16PM Stoneclaw doesn't protect Mana Tide very well. It's only a 4000 health shield and a 5 health totem, which is easier destroyed by any ability (melee and some pets except). The previous commenter obviously doesn't know much about shamans.

Blood Sport: The PvP perspective on 4.0.6, part 4 {WoW}

Jan 25th 2011 3:59PM Just a few notes.

The Smokebomb nerf was huge (but needed). In my RBGs, this is the #1 way we kill flag carriers. Even in arena, it's pretty huge when timed with multiple stuns (6s Kidney Shot + any other CC), which isn't that hard to setup either.

Regarding rogue survivability. Against melee, between their healing and Combat Readiness and Evasion, they have too much survivability right now. At one time, warriors were the counter class to rogues, now a well played rogue just eats them (or at least can't be beaten). Either the 2nd Evasion had to go or Combat Readiness had to go. I'm guessing it's still not enough.

The Tremor Totem nerf was too much. Usable only once per minute should have been once per 30 or 45 seconds. All classes have CCs that don't work as well on them, druids aren't affected by poly, priests by fear and other CC (fear ward, Pain Suppression), paladins (anything, shields), and shaman (nothing now). Other classes can easily break stuns (DKs) or fear (warriors). So I thought this was unnecessary especially since Shaman were already very vulnerable to CC in the first place and as far as CC breakers go, totems aren't great.

Making Earth Shield dispellable is actually a nerf, not a buff. Currently, earth shield protects Shamans's buffs from being dispelled.

Mana Tide was a nerf but also a buff. Affecting the entire raid is a huge buff. Having mana tide increase spirit by the Shaman's spirit is ok, since we already consider it our most important secondary stat, we have a lot of spirit anyway. The nerf is that it doesn't work with our + (1900) spirit trinkets anymore. So in a way, this is a good thing since it allows us to low use other trinkets and we're not forced to use only +spirit on-demand trinkets. Even in arena I was using a +spirit on demand trinket (a PVE trinket) because of the benefits from Mana Tide.

Sorry, Mana Drain was too good in 2s. Mana Burn is still too good as well, both in arena and rated BGs. In many rated BGs, both my team and the opposing team have dedicated priests who are there only to Mana Burn the other healer's mana. That's how good it is.

Unstable Affliction needed a nerf but it could have probably been 3s. Honestly, when a lock loads me up with DOTs, do you think I have a choice which DOT gets removed? Sure, I would like to not target UA but I will eventually eat it, which means a lot of silence and a lot more DOTs applied. For all the complaining locks do about healers dispelling their DOTs, it sure hasn't stopped them from DOTTing the hell out of my arena teams and doing a tonne of damage.

The Arms warrior changes suck and I'm wondering how viable they'll be, in arenas anyway, after the patch. They'll be a lot easier to control. If they're going to kill their mobility like that, they need to give them an automatic hamstring when they do MS, or something similar.

Recklessness is a nerf and a buff, a nerf to burst damage and a buff to overall damage. Once our crit rates get back to 40% again, this ability is going to be crazy.

I agree with your winners and losers list but I'd add Holy Priest in the list as a huge winner as well.

Patch 4.0.6: Bloodlust's arena nerf {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 6:07PM Although it sounds weird, the nerf to Bloodlust will probably help my 2v2 and 3v3 teams. Due to the amount of control that mages and rogues have, it's still very possible to be gibbed at this point in time.