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Totem Talk: It's all about the Mana Tide {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 5:45PM As a PVP shaman who does arena, the last thing I want is for my mana tide totem to be "more animated"! LOL. It attracts enough attention as it is.

Blood Sport: Drain Mana's removal and its impact on arena {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 2:32PM When a lock uses mana drain, you're right, it's not the first ability he uses. That would be retarded.

The lock first sets it up with DOTs and Unstable Mutation. He then fears the healer (10s), followed by silence (felhunter, 3s), followed by more silence as the healer tries to dispel the many DOTs off him (5s UM silence) to maybe eventually get mana drain off (random and unlikely). And yes, once an afflication lock has full DOTs on the healer, it's a GREAT idea to mana drain, it's much better than using DPS, and much better mana/health ratio.

And btw, I see locks using mana drain in rated BGs all the time. Surprisingly, I usually go OOM because of this. What's worse than being dead? Being a healer with no mana.

So yeah, it's a little unfair. And if it wasn't, Moore wouldn't be complaining because it would be a nonesense ability. It's cool, I'd complain too.

Blood Sport: Drain Mana's removal and its impact on arena {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 2:18PM Rogue and lock heal self-healing is much greater than DK/warrior healing. If you want complain, complain about rogues.

Blood Sport: Drain Mana's removal and its impact on arena {WoW}

Jan 18th 2011 2:09PM I disagree with Mr Moore, all mana draining abilities are incredibly overpowering. If they reduced the amount of mana drained to mana-to-health ratios (2:1), locks/priests would say the abilities were "useless" and they'd just go unused.

"Drain Mana is just not that powerful."
"The only way an affliction warlock can win at the moment in 2v2 is to drain mana."

Wow, you actually contradicted yourself in the same paragraph, nicely done. If Mana Drain isn't powerful, why is it the only way to win in 2v2 (which isn't correct btw)? Oh wait, because it's powerful maybe?

The priest spell mana burn is so dangerous right now in 3v3, that my team is FORCED to either focus or keep the priest CCed, because in only 5 globals he can reduce my mana to the point where we've lost the game. You should not be able to beat the other team by spending 10s on any ability unhampered.

As a lock, I understand why you'd cry, you want healerless teams because your CC is great and your health regeneration is phenomenal... healer not needed. OF COURSE you'd say "healers should go oom and DPS shouldn't", which is a very anti-healer point of view.

Ever play a healer and get mana drained? Often, there is nothing you can do since you're silenced and stunned during the entire process. That takes "skill"? Right. And if my healer class kites successfully, everyone bitches that they can't catch me to mana drain.

Anyway, I'm glad they removed it and can't wait for the removal of mana burn, which is much much worse.

Essence of the Immortals gone from the Test Server {WoW}

Mar 9th 2008 3:35AM I guess there's no reason to go back to Kael/Vashj now, without the cache.

Blood Pact: Why people hate warlocks {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 12:05PM I think locks are hated because when you're beaten by one, you rarely have control of your character. It's almost like you have time enough to take a coffee break and come back just in time to see your character die. Death Coil makes us run to the other side of the world. "Fun".

It also makes locks one of the easiest classes to play. DOT, fear, and LOS run. Oooo, challenging.

If you think about it, one of the reasons warriors are so popular is because of locks, because one of the things warriors do so well is break fear. If they couldn't break fear, you'd see even more locks at the top and hunters (of all classes) and mages would just have something more to QQ about.

Scattered Shots: The line of sight between hunters and the Arenas {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 11:41AM >>What in the world is causing such a huge discrepancy between hunters and other classes when it comes to high-rating arena representation?

Comparing population to representation is kind of a stupid thing to do. A lot of hunters are alts made for grinding only. A lot of people pick hunter to play because it's easy and they're terrible players. The hunters that have actually played arena since the changes are tearing it up.

>>When I play in Arenas and Battlegrounds, I don't feel like my class is somehow deficient or underpowered.

That's because a good hunter can tear it up in both arena and BGs. In BGs, hunters are almost always the top HK and killing blows. It's just too easy to do.

>> The thing is, though, that the Aimed Shot and Arcane Shot changes didn't seem to do enough for us in the Arenas at high ratings either

You've got to be joking. I'm not sure how Blizz could make it any easier for hunters tbh.

Every class has LOS issues. You also have a DOT, viper sting, which is the best in the game imo. Lock DOTs you up, so what, you can also DOT him up. In 8 seconds he'll have 2000 less mana (which is ridiculous), he won't be able to keep that up for long.

If a hunter really wants someone to stay in range, just wingclip him and shot him point blank. Hunters have a lot of control mechanisms to work with.

PS. The reason why other classes LOS you is because hunter DPS is so powerful, we can't just sit there and eat Steady Shots, we'd have no chance to win.

I don't think hunters have the right to QQ as far as arena goes, it's not about buffing hunters more, it's about hunters learning how easy it is to play a highly rated arena team and just doing it. Thinking strategy, like everyone else has to do, instead of demanding your class just gets more buffs.

Kalgan confirms the Life Tap and Flametongue rollbacks, offers up some Arena numbers {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 11:40AM Now if you were only a developer, maybe shamans would be happier. The players "get it", why doesn't Blizz?

Kalgan confirms the Life Tap and Flametongue rollbacks, offers up some Arena numbers {WoW}

Mar 6th 2008 11:36AM The only thing matters is how many people are represented in a certain brackets.

The population of a class is affected by how good the class is. For example, shamans are a very unpopular class right now. Hunters, locks and rogues are very popular because of their ability to grind.

The population of a class who even does arenas is also affected by how good they are. For example, many shaman don't even bother to do arena, it's just that frustrating. The only shamans who even try are at the top of their class, unlike every shmoe who owns a lock or druid.

Getting really tired of Blizz and their phantom buffs of the shaman class.

Personal ratings required for S3 gear in Season 4 {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 5:05PM I said armor, not weapons. Research? Lol.

The ARMOR, is not that good for raiding. So my question is, why do raiders care about armor that's not good for raiding? Because it's purple?

The weapons in general are almost as good as pve weapons, but they are only attainable by a very small fraction of players.

It's not like the pvp guilds out there are competing with raiding guilds in Hygal/BT because they have access to leet pvp gear. So seriously, why do "raiders" give a shit? I know my Hygal/BT guild doesn't.