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Happy birthday WoW, where's mah cake? {WoW}

Nov 18th 2007 8:23PM You know, I never really thought about it, but the author makes a good point.

I've been a loyal WoW player since closed beta. I purchased on the first day of release. And I've never taken more than four months off since that day (and only because I got pissed off at my guild).

So, darnit... we do deserve a little love back from WoW. Sure, they might convince themselves that it's all because THEY made a great game. But, brothers and sisters, without *US*, what would that game be???

Our loyalty, our interest -- our very presence -- in this virtual world was crucial to the success of WoW. We are an intrinsic part of the puzzle. Blizzard may have been the tree in the woods, but they needed *us* to hear it!!

So yes, yes, yes. We strong, we proud, we who have been there before the beginning, deserve a little love from the Blizzard.

I'd be happy with a free month.